NoBrokerHOOD Adds a Bundle of Security Features to Help Residents Fight Covid-19

Mr. Akhil Gupta

August 14, 2020: As India continues to fight the spread of the pandemic, NoBrokerHood, the integrated visitor, society, and payment management app by has added multiple features to its existing suite of services. These features ensure that society residents are well-equipped to mitigate the risk of catching or spreading infection.

While information about the rise and decline in the number of cases in the vicinity is being dispersed by a few apps and news channels, none of them gives micro-level data. The COVID Tracker feature in NoBrokerHood gives details of the containment zones near a society. So, in case, domestic help or a driver are coming from any of the containment zones near the society, residents will be alerted and can choose to deny entry to them. Along with that, the app is also integrated with Aarogya Setu, an app that determines the risk status of a visitor or domestic help by scanning through a database of known cases across India. The app then marks individuals as safe, infected, at high risk, or at moderate risk. With NoBrokerHood integration the app scans QR code from the visitor’s Aarogya Setu app and their risk status is instantly sent to the residents along with their other entry details.

All the NoBrokerHood societies have mandated temperature checks and masks for any visitors entering society. Guards using the NoBrokerHOOD app will screen every visitor with a temperature gun and upload the respective details on the app, thereby alerting the residents. If a visitor has a high temperature, residents can ask the guards to deny them entry. They have also installed UV Sanitization kits at the entrance for products being delivered within a society.

Another safety measure that the brand has implemented across societies is a touchless entry with face recognition. The touchless entry process begins with a face capture with three scans from left, right and centre, which takes less than 30 seconds. During this process, encrypted representation of the face is captured, rather than an image to ensure high-level safety. Once this detail is added to the app, daily visitors will just need to face the guard’s mobile phone camera, get instant contactless approval and enter the society building – a much secure and faster process than any other solution available till date.

Committee members and residents can’t personally monitor if their security guards are checking every spot in the building society with many blocks and many miles to cover. With NoBrokerHood’s Live Patrol, residents and MC members can print out unique QR codes for the society. These QR codes are linked to latitudes and longitudes and QR code stickers can be placed at the matching locations. The feature uses geotagging and GPS on the guard devices which means each scan has to match the geotagged location, and GPS will show if the guard is actually at that spot while taking the QR scan.

The security staff or guard on patrol has to scan each QR code on his beat. Committee members can even track the guard’s movement and see the time and date of each scan from the NoBrokerHood dashboard.

This is a fool-proof method to ensure safety. If the guard tries to scan the QR code for the clubhouse in his cabin, or anywhere else, he will get an error message indicating the wrong location. If there is anything that seems out of place, the guard can instantly take a picture and create an Incident Report.

To ensure seamless and secure communication within society residents, the app has a feature called InterCaller, through which residents can communicate with each other and with guards without sharing personal numbers. A similar feature called Guard-talkie is also launched for guards to communicate with each other.

Akhil Gupta, Co-founder and CTO of NoBroker said, “COVID-19 has disrupted lives by affecting the daily routines and activities. The features that we have integrated are many firsts in a society app and are aimed at solving pain points of society living. We are leveraging solutions powered by a mix of man and machine such as face masks and touchless entry – to get the best of both worlds. With the combination of these measures, we hope to cut down the risk of COVID-19 transmissions across societies.