One can expect to see deeper exploration of family members and their characters’, shares Hetal Gada on new season of Yeh Meri Family

Mumbai, 17th April 2024: Amazon miniTV – Amazon’s free video streaming service recently released the third season of its cult family drama – TVF’s Yeh Meri Familycontinuing the heartfelt tale of the Awasthi family in the nostalgic setting of the 90s era. The third season focuses on the evolving dynamics within the Awasthi family while exploring the themes of understanding, forgiveness, and relationship growth. As the characters confront their flaws and learn to support one another, the series blends humor with heartwarming moments, relatable characters, and nostalgia. Along with featuring Juhi Parmar, Rajesh Kumar, and Anngad Raaj in pivotal roles, the series also stars Hetal Gada who essays the character of Ritika.

Reflecting on the evolving dynamics of Yeh Meri Family in its latest season, Hetal Gada shared, “This season is markedly different from the last one and we have even received similar feedback and reviews from our viewers. One can expect to witness a deeper exploration of the family members and their characters. We were just beginning to explore and understand these characters in the last season. By this season, we delved further into their vulnerabilities, showcasing their strength, bravery, and relationships with one another.”

Hetal further gave insight into the nitty-gritty of the characters and storyline of the series. She added, “In the last season, Ritika and Rishi shared plenty of fun, but this season shows Ritika stepping up as a responsible and proud sister with Rishi growing up and maturing too. You’ll also see Neerja, Sanjay, and even Dadi in new flavors. Also, the fun stories and playful banter have doubled, bringing in a variety of vibrant colors. The previous season was set in winter, but this season, set in the summer, introduces many exciting things along with the festival of Holi. So, yes, this season promises to be much more interesting and fun.”

The new season of Yeh Meri Family is streaming exclusively on Amazon miniTV for free within Amazon’s shopping app, on Prime Video, Fire TV, and Smart TVs, or download the app from the Play Store.