One year after rebranding, Kalamari keeps growing

One year after rebranding, international public relations agency, Kalamari (formerly L'AgenceRP) continues expanding.

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Boston, April 23, 2024 – Following a successful rebranding in early 2023, Kalamari, an international public relations agency with offices in Paris, Boston, and London, reflects on the many achievements that marked this newsworthy year.

“Our identity change in February 2023 was a major agency growth lever,”  says Natacha Favry, Kalamari’s founder and US CEO. “There is always a risk in changing the fundamentals of your name and graphic identity, but this renewal has been very well received by our clients and partners, and has strengthened our international positioning.”

Several key moments contributed to Kalamari’s success in 2023.

The agency diversified its services by introducing an influencer department. With the signing of 15 new clients in France, the United States and the United Kingdom, and the successful management of 25 clients in projects (product launches, fundraising, strategic announcements, events, etc.), Kalamari’s team has been able to drive and achieve exceptional results.

New milestones for 2024 Kalamari starts 2024 on a high note with the acquisition of several new clients in the United States, including Energy Observer, the first autonomous hydrogen and zero-emission vessel; Adionics, a cleantech specialized in liquid-liquid direct lithium extraction (DLE) process; Seqens, a global leader in the pharmaceutical industry; and Yuka, the app that decipher labels to help American eat better.

Similarly, In France, Kalamari became “Agency of Records” for, a European leader in no-code technologies, FI Group, a specialist in R&D performance and financing, EverWatt Group, an independent producer of decentralized renewable energy, and MongoDB, an application data platform designed by developers.

“2023 will remain a memorable year and an important turning point for the agency,” says Natacha Favry. “Kalamari has continued to grow, winning new clients and expanding into new sectors, such as the aerospace and automotive industries. With the addition of new clients and the expansion of our presence in the UK market, there is no doubt that 2024 will also be an excellent year! We are also looking to fill four positions, one in Boston and three in Paris”.

About Kalamari
Kalamari, formerly known as L’AgenceRP, is a leading international communications agency specializing in innovation. Founded in 2015 by Natacha Favry. Kalamari is the partner of choice for pioneers who are shaping the future. Based in Paris, London and Boston, Massachusetts – three hubs of innovation excellence – and with a team of 27 professionals across Europe and the United States, Kalamari creates customized communication strategies and helps its clients’ voices Move the World Forward. The agency’s client portfolio spans open data, AI, and climate tech, with prominent names including Opendatasoft, Greenly, Github, and Ogury.

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