PharmEasy to hire 200+ engineers and launch New Development Centres in Hyderabad, Pune & NCR


Hyderabad: India’s Largest Digital Healthcare Brand, PharmEasy, is now looking to hire 200+ engineering talent for its soon-to-be-launched development centres in Hyderabad, Pune and NCR region. PharmEasy is building a larger ecosystem to solve outpatient healthcare challenges, bridging the gap in the healthcare industry. As technology is a key enabler, PharmEasy is planning to strengthen its hiring across technological functions.

PharmEasy’s initiative to launch new development centres comes as the pandemic has prompted most tech-led companies to accelerate their strategies to meet consumer demands more efficiently. As a result, demand for tech skills has risen across the spectrum. PharmEasy currently stands strong with 6100+ employees.

Abhinav Yajurvedi, CTO at PharmEasy, says, “The new facilities will serve as a significant hub for driving development and innovation. Ahead of the opening of the new centres, PharmEasy will provide opportunities for inquisitive technology professionals across product and engineering, in different locations from all over the country, with a flexible work model. The centres will begin their operations with a team of experienced leaders who will be at the forefront of the growth charters. The new development centres will be available in hybrid and flexible working environments, operating out of shared working spaces for hiring tech talent. To further engage the engineering talent while addressing the intricacies of the healthcare system, this move takes a step forward for a better tomorrow. The new talent is expected to not only strengthen the core technology platform for PharmEasy, but also lead new innovation and path-breaking initiatives in the much under-served Indian healthcare domain.”

Hardik Dedhia, Co-Founder at PharmEasy, says, “Our team is focused on building the healthcare ecosystem for a modern and digital-first India, to fulfil our mission; simplifying healthcare and impacting lives. We are looking for exceptionally talented and motivated individuals who are committed to this mission. Building out this ecosystem will be a once in a generation opportunity benefiting hundreds of millions of Indians in improving their health quotient. Managing scale, complexity and privacy while designing systems to be safe, secure and user-friendly is a challenge our teams tackle every day. If you’re looking for an opportunity to work in a fast-paced, data-driven and outcome-oriented company, PharmEasy is the place to be.”