Pitch Right, an initiative for high potential start-ups, by moneycontrol and Inflection Point Ventures

Pitch Right, an initiative for high potential start-ups, by moneycontrol and Inflection Point Ventures, announces its top five contestants

While several industries and sector reel in the effect of the pandemic and its resulting lockdown, it has been start-ups that have played a vital role in the recovery of the nation’s economy. With several ideas waiting to receive funding, it is the need of the hour to fasten the growth of these innovative minds and propel their solutions and models towards the path of success. Taking this very thought forward, moneycontrol and Inflection Point Ventures curated ‘Pitch Right’a competitive initiative for high potential start-ups to secure funding.

After two months of knowledge-sharing sessions, brainstorming and due diligence, the two industry pioneers have announced the final five start-ups who will present their pitches to the esteemed jury on December 19, during the live show –‘Pitch Right’.With the competitive initiative securing capital for high potential start-ups, Pitch Right shall laud the most-innovative solution and reward the winner with a funding of INR 50 lakh. to help them grow and break new ground in their respective sector.

Here are the five start-ups that have made it to the finale with their innovative ideas and solutions.

· Kiko – Founded by Shivam Varshney and Alok Chawla, Kiko TV is India’s first AI-powered live-streaming commerce platform for an “Assisted Shopping” experience. Bringing the outdoor experience onto their screens, Kiko offers customers/users a live shopping experience from their favourite stores and brands. Having started off on 15th July 2020, Kiko, in the short span of time,has gone on to rake in 140,000 app downloads.

· Wagr – Founded by SiddharthDarbha, Advaith Mohan, AjithKochery, Wagr aims to help keep our pets safe, healthy and happy with a smart, integrated pet care platform. Founded in 2016, they have successfully launched and sold out India’s 1st pet wearable that monitors the location and fitness of dogs and are foraying into veterinary telehealth in the near future. They are also among winners of the Qualcomm Design in India program.

· Pekolife-Founded by Agam Garg, Prateek and Abhinav Kumar, Pekolife is a mental healthcare start-up aiming to provide effective and personalised mental health treatment pathways to 200 million affected Indians. With the mental healthcare ecosystem in India not up to the mark, Pekolifetaps into the heart of this industry – the mental health practitioners. With just 20,000 practitioners in India, the evolution of this industry is bottle-necked by the lack of good supply. That’s where they come in and build a trusted brand among practitioners that helps in improving the quality of supply and defines the framework for new supply to join the community.

· Pracify- Founded by Shivam Malhotra and Amit Batra,Pracify is an on-demand work fulfilment platform which helps companies scale by leveraging its network of skilled & trained gig workers. It is an onmi-channel solution which works on a flexible model —companies pay for outcome achieved not manpower deployed. Using Pracify, companies can deploy gig workers on-demand and save half of their costs and hundreds of man hours usually spent on hiring, training, managing, work validation, tracking, etc

· Alveofit – Founded by Dr. Prashant Patel, Devendra Prasad, Shashank Singh Hazari and Sunil Singh, Alveofitis an affordable, connected, SaaS-IoT enabled, and indigenous Respiratory Healthcare Platform for patients and healthcare providers. Their vision to help patients with respiratory conditions such as Asthma/COPD/Lung fibrosis and allow them to live symptom-free life.

One by one, these selected start-ups will present their pitch/decks to the investors during a live show this December 19 on moneycontrol, and taking home INR 50 lakh. Launched by moneycontrol and Inflection Point Ventures, Pitch Right is an initiative to encourage a culture of entrepreneurship and start-up in the country.