Plan your Mini-Honeymoon at a drive away location – The Deltin, Daman

Plan your Mini-Honeymoon at a drive away location - The Deltin, Daman

With a romantic drive, luxurious staycation, peachy sunset and one of the best hospitality, experience all under one roof at The Deltin, Daman. When it comes to planning a mini honeymoon, you want to carefully plan your short trip so you have the most magical and memorable stay, to just chill and unwind with your loved one in the most perfect way possible.

With the changing trend, people now prefer planning their mini honeymoon before they head for their long break. These mini-moons are either a few hours’ drive away or a short flight to somewhere relaxing and romantic. It gives one enough time to reflect on the whirlwind of the wedding, while helping them to unwind from the after the long & tiring wedding preparations.

This three hour drive-way property from Mumbai and two hour from Surat, The Deltin being the centre of attraction for the nearby locations, is a perfect destination for newlyweds looking for a break before their longer trip. Not only is this a great way to recharge your batteries and spend some romantic, quality time together, but it is also a lot cheaper than heading off to an exotic honeymoon destination for a couple of weeks or more. A mini honeymoon is a perfect time to break the ice. The best gift you can give to your partner is planning one such trip to The Deltin, Daman where you can relax and rejoice as you unwind at The Whiskeys Lounge.

A mini-honeymoon to The Deltin doesn’t require any pre-planning as it is a weekend getaway destination. Experience the amazing stay with the extravagant rooms, romantic view and perfect sunsets. Get a head start in the morning while you take a dip at the grandest pool of Daman. Lay under the sun as you get your bodies tanned and relax over the morning breeze followed by lavish breakfast at The Vegas. Gobble over the delicacies and scrumptious meals with your partner at The Emperor.

Begin the new chapter of your life as you enjoy a relaxing spa session with your soul mate; immerse yourself in the soothing music, distressing yourself, reviving in the astonishing surrounding.

A mini-moon can help you and your partner to escape from all the stress, exhaustion, emotional and mental drainage that you have been through in the past few months, either during the wedding planning or after you have tied the knot. So plan your mini honeymoon at The Deltin as it is a perfect getaway to lighten and exult while you celebrate the new beginnings.