Project Pahal will write a new chapter in empowering the women of the Jaiswal community

women empowerment

It’s a long accepted fact that empowering the women of the community empowers society. A lot of Indian women have untapped potential in them that is waiting to be given opportunity. Mr. Chandrakant Gupta and the Saraswati Charitable Trust have joined hands to propel this cause within the influential Jaiswal community, with their unique initiative – Project Pahal.

Mr. Chandrakant Gupta, alongwith Mr. Rajdip Gupta and Sandip Gupta, are leading Project Pahal with the able partnership of Saraswati Charitable Trust. The project is aimed at empowering the women of the Jaiswal community to come forward, train, work at their convenience and earn not just money, but also their sense of self-esteem and respect through their efforts. Mr. Rajdip and Sandip’s company Call2Connect will act as a catalyst in bringing about a sea change in the lives of the Jaiswal women. Call2Connect is a leading ITES (Information Technology Enabled Services) and BPO company employing over 1900 professionals across the length and breadth of the country. Jaiswal women who sign up for Project Pahal will have to undergo a simple 5-hours long training at Call2Connect’s Mumbai centre. This training will cover coaching about e-filing of consumer grievances in consumer courts. On completion, the women will be able to work from home, as per their convenience, between 0800 hours – 2000 hours. They will then spread awareness on the cause through Call2Connect’s interface. Trained by the top industry professionals, the women will connect with numerous aware citizens across India to create a more conscious society.

Said Chandrakant Gupta , trustee Saraswati Devi charitable trust., “Through our various initiatives, we have always looked at ways of empowering the people of our society. With Project Pahal, we wish to bring the tremendous women of the Jaiswal community back into the workforce, as per their convenience. Over the years, a lot of them have gotten occupied with home and family responsibilities. Many now wish to work, without disturbing their family life. Project Pahal brings them the best of both worlds. It’s not only an opportunity for the ladies, but also young girls who wish to begin working from home before they get into full-time professions. With flexible working hours, work-from-home facility, zero commute, a respectable income and a seamless work-life balance, we are hoping that Project Pahal ushers in a new era of change for the women of our society. We are launching it on a pilot basis and hope to make it a permanent feature of our company in the near future.”

The Sarawati Devi Charitable Trust has, in the past, worked on several initiatives including the Jaiswal Champions League that brought the community together for an exciting tournament of cricket. With Project Pahal, the Guptas and the Trust hope to energise and empower the Jaiswal community that has been an integral part of Mumbai for over 50 years.