Prominent Business Leader Mohammad Mahmoud of Cranberry Junction Ice Cream in Hackensack Teams Up with Local Girl Scout Troop 6200 to Fight Childhood Hunger in New Jersey

Prominent Business Leader Mohammad Mahmoud of Cranberry Junction Ice Cream, a locally recognized ice cream shop comes to the aid of the NNJ Girl Scout Troop 6200. Troop 6200 needed a place to sell their cookies for the season and Mr. Mahmoud opened his location, his heart, and wallet to make the girl’s dream come true to raise money to help with child hunger. Proceeds of their cookie sales along with Mr. Mahmoud’s matching donation will go towards the local Feeding America.

Hackensack, NJ : Local business owner Mohammad Mahmoud of Cranberry Junction Ice Cream and serial entrepreneur lends a helping hand to Girl Scout Troop 6200 to secure a site for their cookie booth sales at his locally recognized ice cream store for the month of March and through the second weekend of April.

Mr. Mahmoud believes in giving back to his community and has done several charitable activities through this past year during the pandemic to give back to local healthcare workers and churches within the community.

Mr. Mahmoud recalls, “When I heard of the dilemma that the girls were having because they had no place to hold their Girl scout cookie booth sales and had lost out on sales completely last year, I couldn’t say no! I know very well the struggles of starting out in business and how support is crucial to success. When the leaders shared with me that the girls intended to donate part of their proceeds to our local Feeding America, I immediately joined their efforts and will match their donations.”

The Northern New Jersey Girls Scout Troop 6200 Ventures, a multilevel troop, have set their goals high to donate part of their proceeds from the sales to the local Feeding America Organization.

Food insecurity has hit everywhere hard but most especially in New Jersey where children are the hardest hit. According to Feeding America 54 million Americans are food insecure and 1.2 million right here in New Jersey. When Troop 6200 heard the plight of other children where food scarcity is running rampant they set a goal of donating at least 2,000 meals from the proceeds of their sales.

“We are so blessed that Cranberry Junction and Mr. Mahmoud offered us a place to hold our cookie booth sales this year. COVID hit the first weekend of our booth sales last year and we were left with all of our inventory and donated it to our healthcare workers. This year when the girls heard that food insecurity for New Jersey children was at an all tie high, the girls sprang into action and decided to donate a portion of their proceeds to cover at least 2,00 meals through Feeding America,” stated cadette Troop Leaders Maria Trimarchi and Dr. Isaura Gonzalez.