Quisnet, Fortune 500 Deep-Tech Supplier Buys into World Leading Canary Island Based R&D Firm


QUISNET, Inc. a global early-stage American deep-tech and Internet of Everything (IoE) solutions provider led by Chris Bijou, serial entrepreneur, and Ex-Fortune 500 sales executive, acquires 30% of Quantum1Net, a Canary Island-based research and development firm founded by the serial and Silicon Valley entrepreneur Mattias Bergstrom, in a stock swap deal.

With technology giants such as Cisco, Intel, and Amazon, there’s no question that the US is leading the IoT market on a global scale. From 2012 to 2022 the IoT market has experienced a global 25% CAGR, with the consumer electronics vertical being the most exploited.

The QUISNET solution solves the core IoE issues of security, scalability, and privacy that to this point have not been solved for IoE. This enables QUISNET to run strong, walled gardened IoE deployments of any scale from Smart Cities to Telemedicine to Autonomous Robotics. QUISNET provides new and innovative ways to sort out data coming from bad actors, broken sensors, unstable hardware or bad networks.

QUISNET steps firmly in, after the recent merger, by providing solutions such as QNet for Fortune 500 Enterprises and Governments. The world’s first quantum-safe decentralized virtual service platform that provides security, autonomy, and scalability to large-scale Internet of Everything deployments.

QUISNET kicked off in Salt Lake City, Utah in the late 2010s with a world-class senior executive team and serial entrepreneurs, including Jay Sampson (VP of Investor Relations), Molly Sargent (VP of Partner Relations), Mark Nelson (CFO), and tech enterprise sales thought leader, Chris Bijou as the CEO. Chris’s previous senior sales executive positions at Oracle and Siebel Systems among other Fortune 500’s, made him realize that there was an enormous gap in the Internet of Things industry that not even the biggest tech enterprises have had breakthroughs yet. Now, QUISNET is looking forward to receiving cybersecurity certifications on QNet from multiple National Laboratories by Q4 2021. The initial certification will focus on FIPS, NIST, and ISO.

At that point, QUISNET will be closing a $25M Series A round, to support scaled product development, development of sales, distribution channels, strategic marketing, and outreach initiatives, to capture the IoE wave of market growth, and securing QUISNET as a global leader in IoE.

The initial solution suite of QUISNET is a high-performance secure infrastructure, with end-to-end service capabilities. However, QUISNET long-term plan is to build services and help others build services that don’t just focus on performance or security. Those will be a given. So QUISNET will provide a path to sustainable living through smart solutions and artificial intelligence. The overarching purpose of QUISNET is to help expedite the move from a non-sustainable use of resources economy towards a sustainable recycling economy. They believe this to be a primary, but not exclusive, sustainable solution. Crucial to making that happen is an infrastructure and service that can be trusted with stability, security, and privacy. This is why Quisnet’s QNet is designed to beat all other infrastructure solutions, in any head-to-head benchmarking showdown.

Contact QUISNET: Chris Bijou, cbijou@quisnet.com, 801-867-7070

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