Rajasthan : Two villages of the state win the Best Tourism Village Competition 2023

Jaipur, 30 September 2023: . In conjunction with the global launch “Travel for Life,” the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, United Nations World Tourism Organisation, and UN Environment have declared two villages from Rajasthan as winners in the “Best Tourism Village Competition 2023.” Menar Village in Udaipur won the silver category, while Naurangabad Village in Karauli took home the bronze. The competition was held in gold, silver and bronze categories.

The Best Tourism Village Competition 2023 was organized by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India from 16 February 2023 to 15 April 2023 for all the villages across the country which received 795 applications from 31 States/Union Territories.

Menar village , situated 50 km from Udaipur in the Vallabh Nagar tehsil, is renowned as the Bird Village due to its unique distinction of hosting over 250 bird species year-round. The villagers, who share a deep affection for avian life, have taken proactive measures to preserve birds by dedicating ponds specifically for them. In a noteworthy move by the Department of Climate Change, Government of Rajasthan, the Bramha Pond and Dhand Pond in Menar village have been officially recognized as wetlands on July 19, 2023. In a promising development, the Forest Department is in the process of formulating proposals to designate Menar village as a Ramsar site, underscoring the importance of this ecological haven for avian biodiversity.

Naurangabad (Shri Mahavir Ji), Karauli

Naurangabad, also known as Shri Mahavir Ji is a quaint village in a serene landscape of Karauli district. With a population of 13,000, it is a centre of religious and communal harmony. The village is Renowned worldwide for the revered temple dedicated to Lord Shri Mahavir Ji along the banks of the river Gambhir. Drawing in approximately 14 to 15 lakh visitors from both India and abroad, Naurangabad captivates tourists with the allure of its temple and the captivating essence of its cultural tapestry. The village not only serves as a religious center but also as a harmonious hub where people from diverse backgrounds come together to witness the temple’s grandeur and experience the richness of the local culture.

Tourists and devotees visiting this village can enjoy comfortable amenities and well-organized lodging facilities in Dharamshalas. The village is conveniently linked to the Delhi-Mumbai rail route and Jaipur-Agra National Highway, accessible by a 60 km road journey.