Rikant Pittie, Co-Founder, EaseMyTrip, invests the highest in Episode 3 & 4 continuing the streak from Episodes 1 & 2 in the show ‘Indian Angels’ streaming on Jio Cinema’s

– Rikant invested in three startups, ReGrip, Shakti Wearables, and Vastu Ghee
– Aiming to help innovative ventures that have the potential to make it big, Mr. Rikant Pittie

-supports three other startups in three different industries – Automobile (Tyres), Food and Beverage (Dairy), and Smart Wearables (Women’s safety)

Mumbai, November 17, 2023: Mr. Rikant Pittie, Co-Founder of EaseMyTrip.com, has made noteworthy investments in three groundbreaking startups in episodes 3 & 4—ReGrip, Shakti Wearables, and Vastu Ghee—featured on the ‘Indian Angels’ show streaming on Jiocinema. The third and fourth episodes, aired on November 13, 2023, showcased his strategic investments.

In Episode 3, Mr. Rikant Pittie pledged a 25 lakh investment in ReGrip and invested another 25 lakhs in Shakti Wearables.

Moving on to Episode 4, Vastu Ghee secured support from Mr. Rikant Pittie and four other angels. He invested 40 lakhs. These calculated investments underscore Mr. Rikant Pittie’s dedication to providing unwavering support and mentorship to innovative business ideas and the passionate individuals driving them toward success.

In preceding episodes, Rikant was observed committing 10 lakhs in Apata by Taste and 10 lakhs in Happy Curves, solidifying his position as one of the highest investors up to the 4th episode.

Beyond his financial contributions, Rikant actively champions women-led businesses or enterprises focused on women in the show, showcasing a steadfast commitment to empowering women within his sphere of influence and consistently reinforcing this belief.

Mr. Rikant Pittie, Co-Founder, of EaseMyTrip, said, “I have always taken the lead in supporting and mentoring business models and resilient individuals backing them who possess the grit and determination to make it big. The three ventures – ReGrip, Shakti Wearables, and Vastu Ghee truly stepped out of their comfort zone and chose a path that was different from conventional routes. They are striving to serve customers with their exceptional product range, support and stand for a cause, and have a strong vision of growth. I am excited to be associated with them and look forward to helping them achieve their business objectives.”

Founded by Mr. Tushar Suhalka, ReGrip strives to bring about a change in the tire industry and drive its sustainable transition with a vision of a responsible future. The company is on a mission to breathe new life into discarded tires, extending their usefulness and minimizing their adverse effects on the planet.

Ms. Srishti Sharma is the founder of Shakti Wearables, India’s first women’s safety hand wearable band. The startup aims to solve the end-to-end needs of women in an endangered situation a solution to provide safety to the one being compromised.

Vastu Ghee was started 12 years ago by Mr. Bhupat Sukhadiya under the parent company, Shree Radhe Dairy Farms. The products are made in a safe environment and are devoid of any adulterants or artificial enhancers. Local farmers prepare the products using authentic techniques and ensure stringent quality checks in state-of-the-art research facilities.

Mr. Rikant Pittie ventured into the entrepreneurial world at the young age of 16 years. He has been pivotal in building EaseMyTrip and establishing its tech infrastructure. He also possesses a deep understanding of the challenges involved in building businesses from the grassroots level. Mr. Rikant Pittie is sharing the stage with five panelists on the show. His strategic investment in the three ventures underscores his commitment to supporting and mentoring startups that have the capability to fight all odds and have the will to attain success, no matter what it takes. He has also lent his support and mentorship to two other emerging startups – Atpata by Taste and Happie Curves in the Indian Angels show.

Claiming to be the world’s first angel investment show on OTT, ‘Indian Angels’ is produced by Digikore Studios and was released on November 03, 2023. It is a groundbreaking show, transforming the startup industry and entrepreneurial ecosystem with its innovative format. In addition to the angel investors supporting ventures, the first-of-its-kind show enables viewers to become investors themselves.