Rise of Medical Education in India

Rise of Medical Education in IndiaThe health profession of healthcare sector is one of the leading and growing industries across India. It is one of the largest sectors put into operation. This sector is preserving to give more employment and revenue to the nation. The escalation in medical colleges in India is one of the best things towards the development There is a 97% increase in MBBS seats and about a 69%increase in medical colleges in India due to the escalation in medical education. It has increased the number of opportunities for students to pursue medical courses as there are ample opportunities for medical students. It is a matter of serenity that has reduced the sky-touching tuition fees amount, improved the course curriculum, reduced the gap between rural and urban areas, increased medical tourism, and made the process of medical colleges more easy and improved.

As explained by Dr. Devesh Kumar Singh, Chairman of NIIMS & Noida International University-

The rise of medical colleges in India has changed the Indian healthcare system. The new government is encouraging this sector and focusing more on improving the healthcare services and facilities in the country. The measures of giving free education and healthcare college in rural areas and the inauguration of new medical colleges and AIIMS are remarkable steps toward development. We at NIIMS & Noida International University, work for the betterment of the nation and are always available for our nation. Our doors are open for humankind.