Risers Accelerator funded NuNu-TV brings Edutainment for kids during this lockdown to keep them engaged while enriching their knowledge

Risers Accelerator funded NuNu-TV brings Edutainment for kids during this lockdown to keep them engaged while enriching their knowledge

NuNu-TV, a YouTube edutainment channel has recently taken a laudable initiative to help young children combat stress and anxiety during this time of lockdown by facilitating content that is exciting and informative at the same time. Currently, there are over 1 billion students at home. Thousands of teachers who want to communicate with the kids are doing their best but to do so but due to logistical limitations they’re not being able to do it at the required scale. NuNu-TV is developing a network of teachers and coordinating with them to develop fun and educational content for children aged 2-4 years.

“Courtesy of lockdown, parents have had more time on their hands to spend with their children. However, they cannot be on the watch 24X7 as they have to handle other responsibilities as well. Many of them are working from home which takes up an excess of time. Add to that the fact that there are mandatory household chores that need to be taken care of as well,” said Rahul Rohilla, CEO of Sprout Studios, NuNu-TV.

“Consequently, the parents have to divide their attention over their children as well as a number of other things, which can be really stressful. Pre-schoolers, especially, get bored easily and may not understand that you are doing important work. As a result, they get anxious and panicky. This is where NuNu-TV can really be helpful. It is a great way of keeping the kids engaged, wherein they not only have fun but also learn important things,” he further added.

NuNu-TV is working towards incorporating a number of themes, topics and educational content in short videos that are fun to watch for little children. Educational topics are included but not limited to Colours, Weather, alphabets, insects, washing hands, exercise, day and night, numbers, morning and dinner time, days of the week, flowers and food groups.

Another important thing to note about NuNu-TV is that it is completely ad free. This means that you don’t have to worry about your children clicking on ads that might not be age-appropriate for them. Not allowing ads on the channel ads an element of safety to it – this is vital for an edutainment platform for kids.

Tough times call for innovative measures and what NuNu TV is doing is very innovative and very beneficial. Caught in the middle of the office and household work, parents are finding it hard to dedicate all their time to their children and they are feeling guilty for this reason – worried that their child might lag behind. NuNu TV’s initiative will take care of this issue very well and improve the mental well-being of both the parents as well as the children. We take great pride in having supported such an innovative brand. We hope they’ll keep up this good and we wish them the best of luck,” said Rachit Chawla, Director, Finance & Technology, Risers Acceler