Rivali Park organizes Blood donation and Health Checkup Campaign

Arpan Blood Bank, Rivali Park

Mumbai: Rivali Park a project under CCI Projects in collaboration with Child Help Foundation and Wockhardt Hospitals organized “Blood donation and Health Checkup Campaign” for the children suffering from Thalassemia and Cancer.

The primary objective behind conducting a camp for the victims was to bring in social awareness and to provide support to the patients suffering from the lethalities of Thalassemia and Cancer. During this event, the doctors acquainted the cancer victim’s parents about their child and their disease. The camp was attended by around 95 people undergoing tests to examine BP, BMI, RBC, Hb, ECG accompanied with Doctor Consultation and diagnosis. Around 26 people came forward to contribute to this ethical cause by donating blood, with an aim to aid in the process of transfusion for the patients requiring blood during their treatments.

The event graced the presence of the team members of Rivali Park, CCI Projects i.e. Employees, residents from Whitespring of Rivali Park, eminent contractors, and vendors. They took keen initiative and actively extended their participation in pursuit of supporting the cause and making the initiative successful.

Rivali Park, CCI Projects was felicitated and honored by Arpan Blood Bank for this altruistic initiative for the benefit of the mankind.It was a propitious event to have a vista of responsibility with enthusiasm and vehemence by the employees of Rivali Park.

According to Mr. Harjith.D.Bubber, spokesperson for Rivali Park, CCI Projects, ‘Donating blood is a good cause, as almost all serious health issues use blood from blood banks to save lives. There is no better way than to come forward and march along with these valiant children and empower them to fight against the malignant and lethal malady like Cancer and Thalassemia. By conducting such a camp I got an opportunity to serve the society’.

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