Segula technologies partners with PERRINN to develop Project 424 electric Le Mans Hypercar battery system

SEGULA Technologies joins forces with PERRINN to accelerate

(Pic credit: PERRINN):

Paris, 26 November 2021 – SEGULA Technologies joins forces with PERRINN to accelerate the development of Project 424.

This 100% electric hypercar is equipped with a lithium-ion battery system. This is a high-performance energy storage technology that is compatible with the prototype’s sporting performance. It has the best energy and power density of any energy storage solution. This means a lighter car and increased performance for a future speed record.

As a technical partner of the 424 Project, SEGULA is contributing to the development of the lithium-ion battery cooling system with its know-how and experience in numerical simulation, especially in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

The aim is to develop a system that is both efficient enough to break a new speed record and robust enough to last 24 hours. From the various approaches tested, the solution chosen is a cooling system based on heat transfer fluid circulating around the cells of the battery pack.

Developed in-house on the PERRINN open source platform, updates and improvements can be made in real time.

Thanks to this transparent and collaborative approach, everyone can see the day-to-day development of this stunning vehicle, which is already in an advanced digital prototype phase.

Nic Perrin, founder and chief engineer of, said: “In SEGULA we have found an ideal partner to help us push the technical boundaries of the 424 project. So far, the Group has been invaluable in helping us develop the cooling system for our lithium-ion battery system”.

Laurent Lanquetin, Head of Activity in SEGULA’s Computing Department, comments: “We are very proud to be involved in this technological and scientific challenge, which demonstrates the performance of electric motors in motor racing. This is a considerable challenge as we are tackling one of the most prestigious endurance races in the world: the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

In addition, the 424 project is open source, which has allowed us to work and exchange with engineers from different fields, spread all over the world. Our work has been a real research and innovation project, which fascinates engineers and students. We intend to continue our collaboration over the next few years to complete the design of the Hypercar 424”.

This project confirms SEGULA Technologies’ expertise in the field of electric racing. In particular, the Group designed the Electric Formula EF01, the first fully electrically powered single-seater at the highest level of sport, and also participated in the Andros car.

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