Sensodyne’s #ForTheLoveOf campaign celebrates memorable dishes by India’s leading Chefs


Sensodyne, the leading sensitivity toothpaste from GSK Consumer Healthcare has launched the next phase of its popular brand campaign that makes you fall in love with your favorite foods all over again. #ForTheLoveOf has been much loved by the audience, for rekindling the love for their favourites. Moving ahead, the campaign now brings together some of the most loved Chefs from India to share recipes that hold a nostalgic memory for them.

Sensodyne has ventured into the influencer space for this campaign in an attempt to strengthen its connection with the consumer and effectively communicate its core message of living life to the fullest without worrying about tooth sensitivity. The campaign showcases chefs Ranveer Brar, Anahita Dhondy, Ajay Chopra, Shivesh Bhatia, Kelvin Cheung and Pankaj Bhadouria sharing stories of dishes that have a special memory for them and urging consumers to recreate those recipes from the comfort and safety of their homes.

Some of the recipes include a healthy twist to the traditional Kulfi, seasonal delights, and travel treats. The role of the brand is that Sensodyne enables you to enjoy your favourite food and drinks without the worry of tooth sensitivity.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Anurita Chopra, Area Marketing Lead- Oral Health, GSK Consumer Healthcare elaborated, “Over the years, Sensodyne has become the preferred toothpaste brand for consumers with tooth sensitivity. There are still a number of Indians that suffer from the condition, who do not take action and avoid enjoying their favourite food and drink. #ForTheLoveOf campaign has received a great response as it strikes a chord with these consumers and gives them an opportunity to live life to the fullest.

We are confident that this new phase is going to strengthen our brand messaging even more and reiterate our commitment to a tooth sensitivity-free India.” Sensodyne is the World’s No. 1 Sensitivity toothpaste and is recommended by dentists all around the world for sensitive teeth. It provides proven relief from the sensation caused by sensitive teeth and provides long-lasting sensitivity protection.