Seva Group Launches Their First Store for German Footwear Brand Birkenstock in Maharashtra

Seva Group Launches Their First Store for German Footwear Brand Birkenstock in Maharashtra

Mumbai: German open footwear brand Birkenstock has partnered with the Seva Group under their Element Retail vertical and to begin their journey together, a new physical store will open on 15th January in Mumbai.

Birkenstock is a globally renowned brand for open footwear and has a large following of shoppers across the globe. Offering shoes and heels that range anywhere between ₹2,009 and ₹17,999, the store will provide a wide collection for men, women and children. With this store, the traditional German brand will officially enter the offline market.

“We are excited for our journey ahead with the leading brand in the market. We expect to take this partnership in the true spirit and make the most of the booming, brand-compatible retail environment that we are currently facing. Our strong customer base that demands genuine quality will be beneficial for both the brand and the group”, said Aditya Bafna, Managing Director at the Seva Group.

The store is first of many that the Seva Group plans to open in the coming months. Along with Birkenstock, the group also has a long list of tie-ups with many leading brands in the world such as Maruti, Honda two-wheeler, Apple, Speedo, Asics, and Giant bicycles.

The brand has been around for decades and has always accepted new fashion trends with open arms. Their collection over the recent years is a classic example of fashion and comfort that has even allured celebrities and fashion designers to fancy their chunky sandals. Recently, a French luxury label Celine’s summer-spring 13 collection paid an honorary tribute to Birkenstock’s popular Arizona line of sandals by showcasing it on the runway and marketing it in front of many affluent shoppers.