Shipping to India from USA: A Quick Customs Clearance Guide by Meest

Meest suggests you go the easy route and do it online at Just sign up on the Meest Portal, and you're good to go!

Follow a few key steps to ensure your international shipment to India arrives without issues. First, pack your items carefully and label them with the recipient’s address. Double-check that what you’re sending isn’t on the list of prohibited items. Completing a customs declaration is also essential for smooth shipping to India from US. Let’s break this down further.

What’s the Deal with the CN23 Form?

The CN23 form is your passport for packages from the European Union (EU). You should fill it out accurately to ensure your stuff moves through customs hassle-free. It has all the details about what you’re shipping — descriptions, values, weights, you name it. Meest suggests you go the easy route and do it online at Just sign up on the Meest Portal, and you’re good to go!

How to Fill Out the Form Right to Send Parcel to India

Messing up the declaration could mean your package takes a detour back to you or, worse, lands you in serious trouble. Here’s the lowdown on doing it right:

  • Nail the recipient’s details.
  • Be super clear about what’s in the package. This part is crucial for customs — they must know what’s coming and whether to impose any fees. So, list everything with the right amounts and weights.
  • Remember to scribble your signature where needed, confirming everything’s legit.

What Happens If You Mess Up the Details?

Oops! Messing up the address or customs paperwork might mean your package takes a wrong turn, and you get stuck with a bill. To keep things smooth, try using the Meest Portal. It walks you through the important stuff, ensuring everything’s on point. Going digital lets you double-check everything, too. Your account keeps track of how much it costs to ship to India.

How Easy Is Shipping to India from US with Meest America?

Sending parcels to India is easy with Meest America. Just:

  • Check out different delivery options to find the best one.
  • Get an upfront estimate of the costs.
  • Fill out customs forms and all those papers online.
  • Enjoy the cheapest shipping to India from USA rates.
  • Keep tabs on all your shipments effortlessly.

With Meest America, shipping is super easy. Our fancy tech ensures your things get where they need to go without problems. And here’s some astonishing news: all customers can get their parcels in just 5 work days if sent from Meest International HUB in NJ! Remember to check the latest prices in your account on the Meest Portal.

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