Simplifying the Way Music Fans Purchase NFTs and Interact with Artists

Dynisty MusicVerse was created by Barsun Jones (YDB) and co-founders Danny Hamilton and Divine Everlasting. Dynisty MusicVerse will give musicians a way to earn new revenues from their music creations and digital likeness. Dynisty’s goal is to have a one-stop-shop for fans and artists to interact and earn from each other. The use of blockchain technology allows P2P fast transactions and shorter wait times for artists’ payouts.

Dynisty MusicVerse will revolutionize how fans and artists interact in their Web3 MusicVerse. Dynisty MusicVerse Limited was founded by American celebrity entertainer, singer, actor, and businessman Barsun Unique Jones, whose works were promoted independently worldwide in partnership with the Wu-Tang Clan. The second co-founder Danny Hamilton is one of the founders who have professional experience within the blockchain and credit card processing industries—connecting all dots and bringing his entrepreneurial business expertise such as finance and networking. Thirdly, Co-Founder Dashiel “Divine Everlasting” Gables is an American actor, celebrity brand manager, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist devoted to his life’s mission to empower musicians and revolutionize the way fans and musicians interact.

Nonetheless, some music lovers or consumers will have little knowledge of crypto wallets. Therefore, takes pride in bridging that gap. By Partnering with Polygon Studios and for their February 24 Drunken Monk Vol.1 NFT drop, Dynisty MusicVerse will unlock exclusive and limited items offering up to 75% of sales payout to the artists – focusing on a virtual peer-to-peer relationship and user-friendly experience. will transport fans virtually into an interactive music marketplace that allows them to interact with their favorite artists, purchase music, NFTS and physical and digital AR merchandise powered by AR creation & publishing platform Vew ( and enabled by Dynisty MusicVerse. Dynisty MusicVerse will also enable individuals to attend live concerts, and play to earn live video gaming powered by Dynisty MusicVerse and Sessionwire Technology with their favorite artists and more.

The Dynisty MusicVerse will release a YDB Drunken Monk Series, an intriguing co-collaboration with Bruce Lee author and collector Steve Kerridge, on the Binance NFT marketplace via on March 10, 2022.’s third Drunken Monk series will be a feature drop with Solana & Magic Eden on April 09, 2022. Each of their drops will include exclusive unreleased music, video, and autograph memorabilia. “MusicVerse” will empower artists and give fans an innovative way to explore the artists’ catalog and interact through the Dynisty web3 “MusicVerse.”

Young Dirty Bastard states, “In this lifetime, you don’t have to be a billionaire to succeed in this musicverse. You can be an average Joe just playing your guitar and getting paid the same time you release the tune. Cryptocurrency gave people an outlet, and at the same time, I am honored to share my treasures with you all. The Dynisty MusicVerse is a real game-changer, and our motto is to empower our musicians and reward our fans.”

The Dynisty MusicVerse is a venture developing a blockchain-based platform for the music industry. This platform aims to facilitate the decentralization of the music industry, empowering both artists and fans alike. Investor inquiries are welcome to help us scale to widespread adoption.