Small Satellites 2021 to Discuss Space Data and How to Create a More Accurate Picture of the Space Environment

London, United Kingdom : Small Satellites 2021, set to take place online as a virtual conference on 26th – 27th April 2021, will explore a range of issues surrounding the LEO/GEO small, cube and nano-satellite market, such as regulations, insurance for space missions, rapid prototyping and more.

The conference will also host two presentations dedicated to space data, in order to better understand raw data and create a more accurate picture of the space environment, highlighting topics such as how to make sense of big data sets, networking and security in space, and more:

1) Data, Networking and Security in Space

· On demand space infrastructure – providing LEO enabled data relay, storage and computation
· Timelines for the constellation: Launching alpha network in Q4 2019, commercial network to be available in 2020
· Networking and network security – multi-nodes for mission assurance

Mr Tyler Diaz, CEO, Stara Space

2) Enabling Access to New Data Sets: Analysis in the Small Satellites Environment

· The UK space and technology landscape: driving economic growth through commercialisation of new satellite services
· Energising the market, empowering technology and enabling business – Satellite Catapult’s 2018-2023 plan for space growth
· What proliferation of LEO small satellites means for future data analysis and how to make sense of the big data sets provided
· Delivering projects to support national growth through space enabled data collection

Dr Chris Brunskill, Head of Access to Space, Satellite Applications Catapult

Attendance to Small Satellites 2021 is free for military and government personnel – registrations can be made at

Ahead of the event, SMi Group caught up with conference speaker Dr Chris Brunskill to discuss his work at Satellite Applications Catapult, future innovations in small satellites and how it incorporates with various space innovations in the UK.

Here is a snippet of what was discussed:

Q: With small satellite survivability increasing and launch cost falling, where do you see small satellites delivering future capability this decade?

A: “The next decade will be a defining period for the use of small satellites as a platform for delivery of scientific and commercial capability on orbit. This will ultimately boil down to the ability for satellite manufacturers to scale their production capabilities and for satellite operations (and service providers) to generate sufficient revenues to close their business cases. Small satellites have been proven to provide technical and logistical advantages and alternatives to traditional approaches to satellite platform provision on orbit across the major verticals of science, telecoms and remote sensing. The next decade will show where small satellite solutions can provide the most value and the capitalisation of these opportunities by industry.”

The full interview can be read on the conference website at

Small Satellites Conference 2021
26th – 27th April 2021
Virtual Conference: Online Access Only
Sponsored by Contec

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