Softline Confirmed 99.982 % Availability of Cloud Services

Allsoft Ecommerce Online Service Was Rebranded and Changed Its Name to Softline Ecommerce

LONDON, United Kingdom: Uptime Institute has yet again certified the data centers hosting Softline cloud as Tier 3.

The combined audit has confirmed the data centers availability at 99.982 %, thus the annual downtime will not exceed 1 hour 35 minutes. Aiming at the best market offering for its customers, Softline both gives transparent SLA based on these high availability figures and provides the financial assurance of strict compliance. With its unique industry expertise, Softline is confident of the quality and reliability of its cloud solutions and services.

Softline is developing its cloud business with success, while also expanding and improving its customer interfaces. Providing corporate clients from various sectors of economy with proprietary cloud services that can solve almost any IT problem, the company arranges each project to be accompanied with a service level agreement, SLA. The SLA terms are unique to the Russian high-tech market. The maximum potential downtime of the data center infrastructure is 1 hour 35 minutes per year, which corresponds to the availability index of 99.982 %. In addition, Softline provides the market-best financial assurance for strict compliance with all SLAs. This approach helps the company to provide the fullest satisfaction for the customers who need a resilient and cost-effective IT infrastructure.

Broad capabilities of SLAs result from the top industry expertise of Softline, unreachable for its competitors. Today, Softline cloud offers the best performance in the market. The solution is built on the certified FlexPod platform based on server and network equipment from Cisco, Dell, HP, NetApp storage systems, and VMware software. The cloud is an ideal fit for hosting application servers and databases, creating the test and development environments, simplifying the distributed infrastructure management systems, and implementing high-load web projects.

Softline cloud is based on Tier 3 data centers, including Ixcellerate Moscow One and DataLine datacenters. In addition to the redundancy of critical nodes, the Tier 3 standard means that service and maintenance can be performed without disruptions to the process equipment. According to the results of an audit recently conducted by Uptime Institute, all data centers hosting Softline hardware have confirmed compliance with Tier 3 with the availability at 99.982 %. These are the values used by Softline in its SLAs. The company has a skilled team for each software and hardware item for fast response to any customer requests within the framework of this agreement.

Softline offers its customers the geo-distributed cloud deployed based on two data centers in Moscow and four more data centers distributed in other regions. In this case, the IT infrastructure will be mirrored on two sites. If one data center fails, the infrastructure will still be functional at another site. With this approach the SLA can reach the index of 99.99999 %.

The geo-distributed cloud will be an ideal choice for companies specializing in e-commerce, streaming services, communication services, etc. For example, to arrange the uninterrupted operation of several systems, “Sim Telecom” mobile operator had to deploy the Active-Active replication requiring two data centers. The purpose of the second data center was to provide fault tolerance for those business processes which do not require the Active-Active cluster, but need the switchover time to a backup site within 30 minutes. “Sim Telecom” asked Softline to help solving this problem. With the help of the company’s experts, the customer got capacities in two data centers at once, thus arranging an extended cluster. Projects like this are technically sophisticated and unique to the Russian cloud market. Their successful implementation highlights the long-term industry experience of Softline, attractive terms of cooperation and high service quality.

“Today Softline is the obvious leader in the Russian cloud services market. None of our competitors can offer the expertise that we have accrued over the years of hard work. Close cooperation with vendors, our team of experts for each software and hardware item, our products and services that make a difference in terms of cost, quality and functionality — all these factors mean that we can offer exclusive SLA terms for our customers. Besides, we are financially responsible for the availability and reliability of our cloud services to each customer. And that’s our unique advantage,” says Boris Shoykhet, Head of the Cloud Solutions at Softline Cloud Technologies Department, about the company’s approach to SLAs.

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