Softline has become the major IaaS supplier for companies on the level of Enterprise

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LONDON, United Kingdom – March 17, 2021 – IT-Marketplace Market CNews updated the ranking of IaaS providers of the Enterprise 2021 level. Several new participants were added to it. The new rankings leader is Softline, which is conspicuous by its large number of cloud data-centers, the largest pool of IT specialists and the lowest cost for services compared to its competitors.

The first Russian ranking table for IaaS Enterprise 2021 providers was devised by Market CNews analysts on the basis of a points-based system. Softline came top of the list with 469 points. While compiling their score the analysts of IT marketplace Market CNews compared the options and services of the major Russian cloud infrastructure suppliers. Seven key criteria were set out:

• Virtualization was implemented by hypervisors

• Certificates FZ-152, PCI DSS 3.2, ISO 27001 had been issued

• The number, status and integrity level of data processing centers on which the cloud is based

• Migration services to the cloud, configuration and modification of software

• The number of engineers on the staff of the cloud solutions department

• Level of reliability as claimed

• Cost of the cloud infrastructure

Softline is set apart by its large number of cloud data centers, the largest pool of IT specialists and the lowest cost for services compared to its competitors. The company is engaged in multiple projects with clients from 55 countries. Softline’s cloud services are provided under the Softline Cloud brand. As of today Softline Cloud is based in 7 data centers, two of which are located in Moscow and the others in St Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg, Kazan and Almaty. One of the data processing centers has a complete set of Uptime Institute certificates, for the project, assembly and servicing.

There are more than 200 IT engineers on the staff of the Softline cloud division, evidence in itself of the possibility of performing the largest cloud migration projects and adapting them to the client’s needs. Key requisites are the competences in the sphere of modifying systems to 1C as well as creating hybrid and multicloud solutions.

The experience gained over 10 years working in the cloud segment enables the provider’s experts to find the right tools for optimising services, making them economically very attractive to clients. In addition, the Softline cloud has been created using the hardware solutions of leading global vendors based on the virtualization platform of market leader VMware and using Intel technology.

By the same token Softline Cloud is notable for its numerous virtualization platforms which include three baseline scenarios: VMware, Hyper-V and Openstack KVM, as well as global clouds from three of the world’s giants, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. This enables multicloud solutions to be created with the alignment of the advantages of each platform and thus setting up, for instance, cold storage in AWS, information processing in Microsoft Azure and personal data storage in Softline Cloud.

“As a whole the IaaS segment demonstrates a year-by-year growth throughout the whole world. Its dynamics are maintained by a continued emphasis on the digitalization of processes, which in recent years has been the primary focus of companies across the entire sector. Softline is the acknowledged leader in the Russian cloud services market and we are happy to confirm our competences in this area.

Softline has been engaged in cloud technologies since 2007, since when the company has gained a wealth of experience in implementing multiple projects across the world and created its own pool of specialists in all software and hardware-based solutions. In the face of tight competition Softline continues to develop its own level of expertise to great effect. Thanks to close cooperation with leaders in technology, our pool of specialists across the entire range of software and hardware-based solutions, and the products and services distnguished by their quality and cost, our company implements cloud projects throughout the world with substantial success,” commented Sergey Borovikov, director of Softline’s cloud technologies department.

Let us remind you that Softline previously confirmed its leading position among Russian IaaS suppliers as of year-end results for 2019, taking the top spot in the annual rankings of CNews’s IT-publication.

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