Softline wins second place in Microsoft E5 Open Hackathon

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LONDON, United Kingdom – February 25, 2021 – Microsoft E5 OpenHack is a space that brings together teams of developers and experts to solve several experimental issues that some customers could potentially have, usually caused by cyber-attacks. The E5 Open Hackathon is another competition where Microsoft has dedicated it to the cybersecurity solutions. This time, partners in India and Asia Pacific worked for four days to create a best-in-class security solutions using Azure Sentinel and Azure Security Center.

§ Microsoft 365 is the Company’s premium offering to enable customers to create secure, compliant, and collaborative “Modern Workplaces”.

§ Microsoft relies on their trusted Network of Gold Certified Partners to help customers realize the potential of Microsoft 365 under their specific needs and requirements.

§ The “Microsoft E5 Open Hackathon” is a yearly event meant to accelerate the development of skills in their Partner Ecosystem as well as to showcase some of their most strategic partners in the field within the India and Asia Pacific regions.

§ It being one of Softline’s core strengths, the company presented two teams with member from the Softline India and Vietnam offices whom collaborated to create a cybersecurity solution for a large electronics manufacturer with more than 2000 employees.

§ The challenge was to design a transformation program for the customer’s information security system by experts on Microsoft 365 Defender and Azure Defender technologies as per the Zero Trust model.

§ The competition ended with the jury awarding Softline as the second best winner at the Hackathon

Softline’s team worked remotely with a large electronics manufacturer with over 2,000 employees. Given the context of an ever-changing threat landscape of global cyber-attacks and the lack of knowledge or tools thereof to detect and prevent them, the realised its vulnerability and the need to act and protect its business.

Softline offered the customer to implement a robust cyber-threat transformation program:

  • The first phase included solution areas to strengthen the client’s IT infrastructure without any additional investment.
  • The second phase was to deploy an advanced detection and response system that gathers an indepth analysis of information.
  • The final stage of implementation included an enterprise visualization tool using Azure Sentinel, which in the future will pre-empt and apprise the organization about possible threats and to stay ahead of potential attacks.

“We differentiated our proposed solution by demonstrating how Azure Sentinel’s unique features can revolutionize security operations with an assured support from Softline. For organizations that use cloud and artificial intelligence solutions, we have provided a clear action plan so that they can react quickly and decisively, using both built-in and customizable dashboards if a cyber threat emerges.” explains Atul Ahuja, Vice President Asia. “The way technology is evolving today is really amazing. What used to be a long time-consuming task, can now be done in minutes and it keeps improving every second. I’m really proud to say that we’ve received the second-best position at the Hackathon, it clearly demonstrate that we are not just only one of the best and most reliable Microsoft partners in Asia but also that we also have built extensive capabilities in some of the cutting edge technologies that keeps us ahead.”

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