Sorrento at Shangri-La Eros New Delhi Unveils Exquisite Citrus Menu

New Delhi, 12th June 2024:Get ready to embark on a mesmerising journey through the heart of Italy as Shangri-La Eros New Delhi unveils an exquisite new Citrus Menu at its award-winning Italian restaurant, Sorrento. Nestled amidst the serenity of the hotel, Sorrento is a testament to authentic Italian cuisine. As the restaurant launches its summer menu, patrons are invited to immerse themselves in an exceptional experience that promises to make the dining episode memorable. From the vibrant zest of citrus fruits to the indulgent allure of seafood, Sorrento embodies the very essence of the art of Italian dining.

The voyage starts with a captivating selection of Antipasti. Guests can savour the delicate flavours of Grilled Squids paired with a zesty key lime puree and the refreshing Cured Melon Carpaccio, elegantly complemented by grapefruit and arugula. These starters embody the essence of spring’s bounty.

Furthermore, guests will find themselves enraptured by an array of artisanal hand-rolled pasta offerings that highlight the versatility of citrus fruits. Freshly made by chefs, the Black Lobster Ravioli in a luscious Cointreau sauce and the Taglioni with a creamy blood orange segment sauce exemplify the perfect balance of citrus with traditional Italian pasta. These dishes capture the spirit of fall, combining the richness of harvest ingredients with the fresh zing of citrus.

The main course menu offers a selection that ameliorates the dining experience, such as the Sous Vide Jumbo Tiger Prawns, with a kaffir lime sauce, and the Chilean Seabass, with a saffron mandarin sauce, are meticulously crafted to showcase the fine flavours of citrus. The Grilled Red Snapper with Amalfi lemon emulsion and the Asparagus Tart with pomelo salsa further highlight the menu’s zeal for citrus-infused excellence.

Concluding this exquisite meal, the Dolce offerings present a sweet blend of flavours. The Mandarin dessert, featuring white chocolate orange cremeux, and the Citrus Semifreddo, with lemon curd and fresh berries, provide a perfect end to the meal, leaving a lingering citrusy delight.

Patrons are cordially invited to savor this culinary artistry of Sorrento’s new Citrus Menu at Shangri-La Eros New Delhi, where they can indulge in the vibrant flavours of Italy within the dynamic ambiance of Delhi.