Steve Muehler Paralegal Expands Its “SEC Edgar Filing Division”

Steve Muehler today announced that the firm has expanded its SEC Edgar Filing Division to include services for Transfer Agents, Securities Law Firms and Mutual Funds.

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Los Angeles, CA, August 08, 2021: According to Steve Muehler, “Today we have increased our SEC Filing capabilities to not only include issuer services, but have expanded our global reach to include Stock Transfer Agents, Securities Law Firms and Mutual Funds, domestic and foreign. This expansion will only help to broaden our global reach in the industry.”

Steve Muehler’s Capital Markets Paralegal Division currently provides fixed pricing for the following SEC Filing Types:

  • All filing types – ASCII, HTML, XML, XBRL and the newer IXBRL (inline XBRL) Formats.
  • Annual & Quarterly Reports (10-K, 10-Q, etc.), including XBRL / IXBRL tagging.
  • Registration Statements (Reg A, CrowdFudning, S-1, S-3, S-11, SPAC, Form 10, etc.).
  • Mutual Fund Prospectus filings, including XBRL / IXBRL tagging.
  • Current Event Reports (8-K), including Cover Sheet Inline XBRL & IXBRL.
  • Beneficial Ownership Filings (Form 13D, 13G, Forms 3, 4 & 5).
  • Holdings Reports (Form 13-F, NPORT and others).
  • Larger Trader ID (Form 13H), Transfer Agent (TA-1/2), etc.
  • Amendment Filings (including revision tagging)
  • And many more……..

More information about the Steve Muehler – Paralegal can be found at

The Steve Muehler portfolio of companies (formerly the “Private Placement Markets”) is a growing global provider of Insurance, mortgage banking, commercial insurance, legal document preparation and Investment Banking products and services. Through its diverse portfolio of solutions, the Steve Muehler portfolio of companies enables Entrepreneurs and Business Managers to plan, optimize and execute their business vision with confidence, using advanced technologies that provide transparency and insight for navigating today’s Global Alternative Investments Capital Markets. As the creator of the world’s first set of Private Placement Markets, its technology powers more than 68 market segments and is growing it operations over the next 24-months to include 50 countries.

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