TDI facilitates residents and club members by organising “Yoga session”

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TDI Infratech facilitated a refreshing “Yoga session” at TDI Club retreat, Kundli, Sonipat. The event was organised under the experienced Fitness expert Mehak Sembhy. The hour-long event included a yoga session with breathing exercises, meditation, basic poses, and nutrition tips for the participants.

Around 50 individuals actively attended the session where everyone learnt the importance of Yoga and different asanas and their health benefits. The occasion began as a phase towards a sound lifestyle, wanted to propel the physical and mental flourishing of the individuals.

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Commenting on the importance of Yoga, Sahil Sharma, COO, TDI Hospitality said, “We planned the session by keeping in mind the importance of health. As we know Yoga is the best activity which one can do to keep them healthy and fit at the same time. We are glad that the residents and Club members enjoyed the session and de-stressed themselves. Everyone got a chance to become familiar with the significance and the flawlessness of doing yoga. We are planning more such activities in the upcoming time. ”