TEB Cloud to Become a Single Business Platform Cloud for High Growth Businesses

TEBillion Improves Reporting with Drill-Down Features

London, United Kingdom : TEBillion kicked off 2021 announcing major product expansions and new feature updates to be released within the year and the anticipation for a new and improved software suite does not stop there.

TEBillion, one of the leading business automation solutions providers, announces that as part of the company’s strategic move this year to deliver robust automation tools helping businesses achieve growth and success, it will be creating its flagship product, the TEB Cloud, as a single business platform cloud. With this huge upgrade, businesses can adopt the platform and completely automate every single business process, from sales to projects and HR, including inventory, deliveries, invoicing, orders, and billing management. This means adopting business-wide automation within the cloud.

What prompted TEB to make this strategic move is the 90% renewal rate of all the company’s products. This not only proves the efficiency and popularity of the TEB automation tools, but it also proves TEB’s dedication to helping businesses achieve success and accelerate growth. It is also a testament to the company’s outstanding effort in creating a thriving ecosystem of users and partners by constantly making sure that they are being well-taken care of and given importance to.