The Barry Epling Scholarship for Young Entrepreneurs Still Accepting Applications

The Barry Epling Scholarship for Young Entrepreneurs Still Accepting Applications

For the uninitiated, venturing into the world of business can be very daunting and challenging. Trying to make your way through the hurdles and challenges that get thrown your way when starting up as an entrepreneur is very difficult in many aspects. Anyone who doesn’t have the necessary knowledge and skillsets needed to succeed in business is bound to produce mediocre results or can even end up failing in the worst-case scenario.

Having the knowledge, experience and skillsets of a successful businessman and entrepreneur is the best way to succeed when you are just starting as one or aspire to become one in the future. One of the best ways to prepare for any venture into the world of business is through attending a business course or university. However, the sad reality is that most people who aspire to become entrepreneurs can’t afford to attend a business course let alone university.

Many who aren’t fortunate enough to attend school and immediately jump into business and trade will often find themselves facing several problems that could’ve been easily solved by attending school. No one understands this better than Barry Epling who has sought ways to address this problem. One of the things he has done to help people experiencing this problem is through his scholarship program, the Barry Epling Scholarship for Young Entrepreneurs.

The Barry Epling Scholarship for Young Entrepreneurs promises to award a scholarship worth $1000 to a lucky aspiring entrepreneur. The scholarship is open to all students with a passion for business and plans to become an entrepreneur in the future. Additionally, it is open to current university students with plans to open their business and high school students who plan on entering university in a school of business. This scholarship aims to provide a means for students who are struggling financially but have big dreams of becoming successful businessmen or starting their own company as soon as they graduate.

The man behind the scholarship, Barry Epling, understands the rising costs of education as well as the struggles one might face as an entrepreneur. Having found success as an entrepreneur himself in multiple industries such as telecommunication and stem cell research and therapy, he now seeks to give back to the next generation by fostering and enabling young aspiring entrepreneurs through his scholarship programs. He hopes that through his scholarship program, he doesn’t only allow new entrepreneurs to find success in the field but also teach them the same values and skillset he has as an entrepreneur.