The Marcom Avenue engages employees in virtual activities during COVID-19 pandemic

As we continue to live in a lockdown with little hope as to when this all will end, the time of physical isolation is starting to take a toll on the human psyche. People are tired of keeping themselves motivated to have a healthy and balanced mind while managing their chores, work, health and just everything at once. To keep everyone motivated during such unprecedented times, a leading integrated marketing and communications company The Marcom Avenue has charred out some strategies that will not only motivate its team but also engage them in some intriguing and fun-filled activities.

For the people at The Marcom Avenue, it is all about work and chill; as the Director of the organization, Divanshi Gupta engrosses all the team members into some interesting brain-storming sessions every Friday on books to talking about travel destinations or to discuss the challenges and way forward, that gets the mind-juices flowing and motivates the team to stay focused for the time to come and encourages them to stay positive. The Marcom Avenue is not just organizing weekly e-meets, but also mind-stimulating virtual activities like quizzes, general knowledge questions, social media challenges, and also sends out motivational videos by experts.

Divanshi Gupta, Director, The Marcom Avenue, believes that this time too shall pass, and “We all will make it through to the end stronger and wiser. We must make the most from self-quarantine and social distancing and develop skills that will help us grow as an individual against the world. We should stay connected with the people we love to share and express the worst and the best of us in these crucial times as it will help us stay more connected to ourselves. We should all tighten our belts and be prepared for the days coming up as it will be our time to shine.”