The New Service of PeddleWeb for Businesses Desiring to Dive in Content Marketing

PeddleWeb, one of the fastest-growing digital marketing companies in India, has announced content marketing services. Under its new services, it will create compelling content and market those on different platforms to enhance the visibility of its clients and increase its brand reputation.

The Ahmedabad-based content marketing company has a team of professional writers, marketers, and developers who have extensive experience in creating and marketing content for businesses and brands in a broad range of sectors. They work closely together to create text, advertising, and video that engage the audience and boost their clients’ brands.

Under its content marketing services, PeddleWeb will provide the following:

Blog posts: The team of the content marketing company will craft compelling blog posts for clients. It will increase inbound marketing, enhance customer engagement, and drive more traffic to their websites.

Guest posting: The professional writers will write guest posts on their clients’ behalf and publish the content on several reputable platforms. It will help businesses generate more leads and increase search engine ranks.

Web2.0 articles: The firm will create Web2.0 articles and publish those to build credibility and improve online visibility.

Press releases: The team will write press releases for clients’ products, services, new announcements, or events and publish those on leading PR sites.

Social media posts: This includes LinkedIn job posts to captions for various social media platforms that will boost engagement.

Questions and answers: The professionals are well-equipped to leverage questions and answers sites such as Quora to provide relevant answers to various questions. It will solve customers’ queries and enhance engagement.

Reports: The team will generate reports that will help them understand and assess the current content marketing campaigns and help in future content activities.

While providing all these services, the team can customize the content for specific locations, neighborhoods, or regions to boost businesses’ visibility and search ranks.

Speaking on the launch, the company’s spokesperson said, “Content plays a crucial role in building a business’s brand and attracting prospective customers to its website and web pages. At PeddleWeb, we are delighted to announce content marketing services to help businesses create captivating and engaging content.”

He added, “We have a team of highly-motivated professionals who have the creativity, eye-for-details, and dedication to create excellent quality content and provide exceptional services to our clients.”