The “Filmmakers Forums Community” Announces New “Winter Photo Contest: From the Tropic to the Arctic”

New York, NY : launches the Filmmakers Forums Community, “Winter Photo Contest: From the Tropic to the Arctic.” Photographers, visual storytellers, and creatives are invited to submit their photo submissions through February 28, 2021. The winner will be announced on March 2, 2021. The photo contest is free to enter. The call for entries is open to all members of the Filmmakers Forums Community online. Anyone can become a member, and membership is free. Participants can create their free account at

Roy H. Wagner, ASC will be judging the “Winter Photo Contest: From the Tropic to the Arctic.”

Mr. Wagner is a two-time Emmy Award-Winning cinematographer with over 30 years of experience shooting TV series and feature films. Major DP credits include “House,” “Elementary,” “CSI,” “Quantum Leap,” “Burn Notice,” “Fantasy Island” and “Beauty and the Beast” to name a few. Wagner is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the American Society of Cinematographers and has won the Producers Guild “Vision Award.” He studied with Ansel Adams who taught him to rise to the challenge of new technology.

Filmmakers Forums Community staff member, Maura Barbulescu, talks about the inspiration for the winter theme of the Winter Photo Contest: From the Tropic to the Arctic. “Winter is a magical season, and it sparks an emotion in all of us, regardless of our physical location. Most people associate winter with snow, because in some places, it snows during this season only. However, winter is more than just snow and that special emotion can be lived all the way from the Tropic to the Arctic. We live in a diverse, multicultural world, and this is its beauty. A photograph speaks more than one thousand words. I believe it would be a great challenge for any photographer to share a special feeling they have captured on camera.”

To enter the photo contest, participants need to create a free member account, if they haven’t already, on the Filmmakers Forums Community at; and then, navigate to the subforum, “Winter Photo Contest,” where photo entries are posted. Members can post their photo submissions as a comment to the contest thread before the deadline, February 28, 2021. Only one photo per participant is admitted.

The “Winter Photo Contest: From the Tropic to the Arctic” is a wonderful opportunity for photographers, visual storytellers, and creatives to come together virtually with like-minded, passionate artists, showcase winter-inspired photographs, and create a visual dialogue with viewers. Maura Barbulescu additionally shares, “Participating in a photo contest is an experience, an opportunity to challenge yourself to grow, to inspire yourself to shoot a special photo, unlike any other that you have done before. The COVID pandemic may have cancelled most events and travel opportunities, but it hasn’t cancelled the passion and dedication embodied in photographers and artists’ works. I hope that our Winter Photo Contest will motivate people to capture a special photo and bring back some of the excitement they had before the pandemic.”

Photo submissions will be judged on the following criteria: clarity and quality of the image, composition, color, lighting, exposure and focus. It will also be taken into consideration the number of reactions that photo entries have within their online posts in the contest subforum. Viewers are encouraged to “Like,” “Love,” and “Wow” photo entries online.

The winner of the Winter Photo Contest will get featured in a professional interview in the next issue of Student Filmmakers Magazine. The interview will also be sent to the newsletter database of over 98,000 subscribers. Additionally, the interview will be distributed and showcased on the website on the front homepage, in the Filmmakers Forums Community online, and on the Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Barbulescu shares photo ideas and inspiration. “I hope to see how winter looks through the eyes of creative people around the world. For each of us, winter means something different. For some, winter is snow. For others, it is a festival or a religious celebration. And for some, it is a food, an object, a person, or a special place. We all see the world through our own unique pair of eyes.”

Barbulescu encourages, “It is said that the journey is more pleasant than the destination, and I believe that the same applies to photography. The experience of capturing the moment that sparks an emotion within your soul is what ultimately leads to having a great photo. Every professional knows how to do the proper camera settings and how to use lighting in his or her favor, but what makes the difference is the perspective, the angle of the photo and the moment when you press the shutter.”