Top Organisers Leading the Charge for MSMEs

The narrative about MSMEs (micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises) in India is being updated and revitalised. With no limits anymore, MSMEs are welcoming a brand-new era full of possibilities. Leading organisations not just support systems, but growth architects are leading this revolution. These innovators are creating a strong ecosystem that encourages entrepreneurship and helps MSMEs reach previously unheard-of heights.

Their method goes beyond the traditional framework. By employing cutting-edge tactics and creating strong relationships, these top organisations provide MSMEs with the resources they require to not only thrive but thrive. Let’s look into the innovative strategies these advocates are using, examining how they are reshaping the MSME support scene and empowering companies to take the lead in determining India’s economic future.


RX India, founded in 2008, is a leading organiser of B2B trade exhibitions and events in India with a presence in 22 countries. They provide a launchpad for businesses to connect, learn, and growoffer. RX India offers a one-stop shop for industry insights, the latest technologies, and valuable networking opportunities. Their focus on a comfortable environment ensures a productive experience, and their integration of digital tools keeps them at the forefront of the event industry. They have a diverse portfolio of 10 events across various industries like warehousing & logistics, printing & packaging, and real estate. As part of RX, a global event leader, they bring international connections and expertise to the Indian business landscape.

Percept Limited 

Percept Limited, based in Mumbai, is a prominent event management firm in India. The company excels in providing a diverse array of event management services, encompassing the ideation, organisation, and implementation of corporate events, product launches, brand promotions, conferences, and live concerts. With a team of skilled professionals specialising in event planning, creative design, production, and logistics, Percept Limited caters to a broad clientele spanning the entertainment, sports, hospitality, and technology sectors.

Encompass Events 

Encompass Events, established in 1998 and based in Mumbai, is a prominent event management company in India. With a diverse range of services, including corporate events, product launches, brand activations, concerts, and weddings, the company has earned a reputation for excellence. The team at Encompass Events consists of skilled professionals who specialise in various aspects of event management, including event planning, creative design, production, and logistics. Serving clients from industries such as entertainment, FMCG, and hospitality, the company has built a strong clientele. Moreover, Encompass Events also provides additional services like digital marketing, social media management, and brand consulting.

DNA Networks 

DNA Networks, based in Bangalore, is a prominent event management firm in India. They excel in organising a wide range of events, from corporate gatherings to product launches, live concerts, and sports events. The company boasts a skilled team of professionals specialising in event design, production, technical management, and logistics. Apart from event management, DNA Networks also offers services like venue management, artist management, and content creation.