Transform a Photo into a Timeless Gift of Art Design with “Hand Painted Stories”

Transform a Photo into a Timeless Gift of Art Design with Hand Painted Stories

In today’s digitized world, Hand Painted stories, the most ambitious full circle luxury business solutions start-up is here to fill your memories with not just colorful but eternal art designs which create a voice of memories. These timeless creations are designed by the world’s best artists using Oil Paints, Acrylic colors and Watercolors.

Hand Painted stories help you in designing your gifts/pictures differently from others. The photographs you provide will be organically recreated using oil paints on a canvas by a master artist crystallizing your digital memories into old-world-like art pieces. The simple process involves a customer uploading the photograph onto the website, after which the image will be hand-painted with a technique chosen by the artist. Two weeks later, they’ll ship you a memory rolled, wrapped or framed.

Hand Painted Stories is a brand that has crafted memories for celebrities like Hema Malini, Raveena Tondon, Ramesh Reddy and prominent individuals such as Ranjan Pai, Mohandas Pai, Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw and Shree Shree Ravishankar amongst others. As Hema Malini quoted, “Reviving artists across the globe is a great thought behind the concept. I fully support the brand and will be always available for any help. I love the two portraits I got from the team. They are a part of my drawing room and Dharam Ji really likes it too.”

Karan Bhangay, Founder – Hand Painted Stories says, “Hand Painted Stories immortalize a precious memory captured in a photograph by making into a master art piece. The art represents the essence of society and a culture that has lost its past glory. We want to bring a change and revive the art of painting through our art work. Create memorable masterpieces for your home or gift someone a wonderful moment of their life, made timeless through Hand Painted Stories.”