Traya Health’s treatment emerges as a gamechanger in hair loss treatment

Traya Health's treatment emerges as a gamechanger in hair loss treatment

New Delhi: Bringing a paradigm shift in hair loss treatment by mixing ayurvedic wisdom with dermatology and nutrition, Traya Health with its treatment is providing a holistic solution to efficiently treat hair loss at the molecular level. The company which is the brainchild of founders Altaf Saiyed and Saloni Anand is now emerging as a gamechanger by pioneering the concept of using ayurvedic solutions compatible with dermatology for best results.

“The idea came when I started experiencing hair loss a few years ago due to thyroid. After many failed attempts, I decided to dig deeper and find the root cause of my hair loss. Being a biochemist myself, I realized that hair loss, like any other chronic lifestyle problem, is internal and cannot be managed by applying shampoos and oils. I also understood that allopathy alone is not enough to manage chronic issues and started looking for holistic solutions to manage the issue effectively,” said Altaf Saiyed.

Hair is not only one of the most noticeable parts of our body but also such an important expression of an individual’s personality. It enhances a person’s looks and also helps boost their confidence. However, hair loss is a growing concern today amongst the youth who are in their 20s or early 30s. What is more concerning is that due to lack of awareness, misconceptions, myths, and misinformation, most of the treatable cases are left unattended. Hair loss can also become a cause of low self-esteem which can trigger mental health conditions. The most common causes of hair loss are genetics, stress, poor diet, medication, pollution, and underlying health conditions.

Traya has a very unique treatment method where Dermatology, Ayurveda, and Nutrition are combined and tailored to each customer’s railroad concern and health history. This allows them to treat hair loss in a way that is more wholesome and sustainable than any other solution out there.

“It is not a treatment plan, but instead a healing plan. It is different from any other hair loss treatment which tends to be one-dimensional. The argument that genetic hair loss can’t be reversed is not completely true. Genetic hair loss cannot be reversed at Stage 5 or 6. But can be prevented through Stages 1-4. And that’s what we want to have people take preventive action. But as a result of ill information, only 3-4% of patients consult a dermatologist for hair-related problems. And even the ones that do never keep up with the courses. We also have a workaround with our hair coach system. A guide who tracks your progress throughout the treatment and helps you use the treatment to get the most out of it,” said the spokesperson.

Traya is the only hair company that has doctors to approve a treatment plan for each case. They identify the root cause of the condition and treat it by making a solution best suited for patients. Their indigenous ayurvedic formulas treat internal triggers for hair loss by way of improving digestion and absorption, reducing pitta dosha which is also included in the diet plans. They nourish the hair follicles through these medicines and use mediated serums and customized oil to stimulate regrowth and maintain scalp health.

However, still, a majority of the population believes that shampoo can treat hair loss completely but people don’t know that its effectiveness is limited only to fixing scalp conditions such as dandruff, alleviating oily or scalp, or cleansing residue building that can aggravate hair loss.

“As shampoo has a very short period of contact with the scalp and the hair follicle, it doesn’t have enough time to stimulate hair growth or prevent hair loss. It remains a scalp treatment that can be a remedy for damaged hair and a hair loss shampoo will not work in hair loss triggered by underlying health problems. That’s why we aim to bring awareness about the causes of hair loss so people can make informed decisions when choosing a treatment for themselves. This has been an age of rejecting instant fixes and looking for sustainable solutions. We want the same for hair loss. We always say at Traya – Health first, hair second, and always happy,” Saloni Anand said.