Under the Sustainable Development Goals, Troopel.com proposed 17 ‘National Development Goals’

Indore, 22nd March 2021: India is a established and a democratic country and interim the efforts the country has to establish itself before the world as a happy, prosperous and developed country by 2030. Under the Sustainable Development Goals there is a total of 17 parameters that have been defined to manifest this, such as zero poverty, zero starvation, gender equality, quality education for all, innovation and promotion of industries. However, the fulfillment of these goals with the ongoing pandemic Corona has become an extreme challenge. Keeping this in mind, 17 most important ‘National Development Goals’ have been proposed under the themes set by online viewer’s platform, Troopel.com (troopel.com), while working on the topic #2030kabharat. The basic objective of the proposed goals is to eliminate unevenness in the country and create a safe and healthy environment for all.
According to the channel’s co-founder Mr Atul Malikram, “The goals set by the United Nations are for countries around the world, through which the aim is to create a strong and secure world. One of these goals is to reduce disharmony amongst the neighboring countries. We believe that this is one of the most important points for the overall development of the country. It is also important to root out inequality from our society and from the hearts of our people.”

According to the current goals, there is ongoing work in various states of the country to meet the policy development goals. The points issued by the troupe in view of the present scenario are as follows: Make digital education compulsory and accessible to all, promote trainer-made education system, ban the cast system altogether, ban any and all types of reservation, make educational qualification compulsory for politicians, there are only two major political parties in the country, to make the entire electoral process virtual and curb the expenditure on publicity, private sector stake in every government department and NGO is mandatory. The fund of CSR should be increased from 2% to 5%, there should be a provision for equal pay in private and government jobs. Immediate moratorium on pension to former MPs and MLAs should be put in place; a week-long nationwide lock-down should be implemented every year for environmental protection, creation of single window facilities to facilitate trade, safe water and rivers. Strict laws and observance, development of judiciary and jails and laws for child and women protection, A nationwide campaign on the issues of child labor and child marriage, empowerment of women and girls of every age group and special provision for elderly section in every field.

The channel has also made an attempt to appeal to the Central and State Governments to take cognizance of these subjects, to implement these points officially.

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