Union Minister Shri Sarbananda Sonowal inaugurates Oil jetty No. 7 at Juna Kandla to enhance the capacity of Deendayal Port

Shri Sarbananda Sonowal, Hon’ble Union Minister for Ports, Shipping & Waterways and AYUSH, Government of India, is going to inaugurate & lay foundation stone for various capacity enhancement projects of Deendayal Port Authority, Kandla on 23-01-2023 at 11:30 AM VIRTUALLY, from Kaziranga, Assam. In the august presence of Shri Shripad Naik, Hon’ble Minster of State for Ports, Shipping & Waterways and Tourism (Virtually); Shri Shantanu Thakur, Hon’ble Minister of State for Ports, Shipping & Waterways (Virtually); along with physical presence of Shri Vinodbhai Chavda,   Hon’ble MP –   Kachchh;   Shri Maltiben Maheshwari, Hon’ble MLA – Gandhidham and distinguished guests. The Hon’ble Union Minister is going to inaugurate and lay foundation stone of various capacity enhancement projects of Deendayal Port Authority, Kandla:

  • Inauguration of OIL JETTY No. 07 AT OLD KANDLA

Name of the Project: Construction of Oil Jetty No. 7 at Old Kandla

Project Cost (In Cr.): 73.92 Cr.

Capacity (In MMTPA): 2 MMTPA

Expected Date of Completion: January 2023

Benefits & Impacts:

Deendayal Port has developed this oil jetty which will enhance the liquid handling capacity of mainly edible oil, and fulfill the requirement of future projection. The proposed Oil jetty project is envisaged for Capacity Augmentation for handling liquid cargo at Deendayal Port, which is a long pending request of Port users and call of an hour. The project shall enhance the liquid cargo handling capacity at Kandla by 2.00 MMTPA, thereby reducing the waiting period (pre-berthing detention time) of vessels and higher-level functioning of existing Port & Private assets, connected to liquid cargo handling business. Since individual ships will be berthed for much less time, more number of ships will be handled increasing the cargo throughput. Reduction in turn-around time will benefit both shipping companies as well as port users.

The Proposed jetty is T-shaped Jetty with Length of 110 m and Breadth of 12.40 m which can handle the large size of vessel upto 65000 DWT and 13 m depth. It will also reduce pre-berthing detention of Liquid Cargo Vessels and stress on the existing Oil jetties and decrease in berth occupancy to the optimal occupancy.

This proposed project has led to an indirect employment of around 1000 plus and direct employment of around 250 plus employment opportunities, during the construction phase. This direct & indirect employment, as well as investments made in the project, is bound to increase the liquidity in the market, thereby increasing the purchase capacity of the common man.



Project Cost: Rs. 98.41 Cr.

Project Time Period: 12 months (Jan-2024)

  1. Brief of The Project 

Deendayal Port Authority is the largest liquid handling port in the country. It handles all kinds of liquid bulk i.e. petroleum products, petrochemicals, acids, liquefied gases, and vegetable oils.

Presently DPA is having 6 Oil Jetties for handling liquid bulk cargo. All the Oil Jetties are almost fully utilized and additional berth capacity is required to achieve growth in liquid cargo traffic.  Hence, Port has initiated the action for the construction of new oil jetties i.e.  OJ 7 to 11 in phase manner for accommodate/ handle the liquid vessel.

To accommodate the above liquid cargo storage, additional backup area as a Tank Farm is also required to be developed to cater the liquid storage facilities.

Keeping the future vision and port expansion as well as per the demand of Port Users, DPA has initiated the action for development of land parcel of 554 Acres (225 Ha), in the associated Oil Jetty No.  8 to 11.   The land parcel of 554 Acres will be will be utilized for Tank farm development with the Tentative Tankage Capacity of 2.28 million KL. The proposed back-up area will be connected to the Oil Jetties, and the pipe racks from the jetties will be capable of feeding into both tank farms.

The land parcel will be development in phase manner. In the initial phase, the Port has initiated the action for filling up the Backup area for 554 Acres with quarry material and kachchha road network of around 8.0 km. Subsequently, in Phase-II; reclamation with basic infrastructure facilities will be developed as per the requirement of Port Users/ Trade.    The project duration of Phase-I is 12 Month. The cost of the Phase-I is around Rs. 98.41Cr.

  • Benefits
  • Addition in the storage capacity of liquid cargoes, which will attract the Port Users by maximum utilization of Oil Jetties.
  • Fast evacuation of liquid cargo as a backup area proposed for liquid terminal is behind the Oil Jetty’s, hence, reduce turn-out time.
  • Employment Generation

Name of Scheme:  Development of Four Lane Road Common Corridor From LC-236B to 16th Cargo Berth Along Railway Line

Project Cost: Rs. 67.00 Cr.

Project Time period – 18 months (Sepetember-2024)

Need of The Facility 

At present, there is four-lane roads exist from Kutch salt junction leading to 16th berth which was constructed in 2001, which involves the cargo movement of 1 to the 10th cargo berth. After that there was the addition of six Berths i.e. Berth No. 11 to 16,  the users of CB 11 TO 16 are also using the same road, due to which more traffic movement taken place in this road.  Further, DPA has initiated the action for Development of Cargo Berth No. 17 on PPP Mode. 

Due to above addition in traffic of CB 11 TO 16, the existing road leading to  16th Cargo berth remains over-crowded and jamming of all the incoming/outgoing vehicles, which intends to road blocks continuously for so many hours.  Looking to the above, Port users has stated that they are facing a huge trouble to execute their port operations and make adverse effect on activities and revenue, and requested to suggest one alternative road to transport the cargo up-to 11 to 16 Berth.

Further, DPA is extending the custom-bonded area of CB-1 to 10, hence, the existing road between WG-2 to 10th Cargo berth comes under custom bonded area.

In this regard, all the Port Users for 13 to 16th berth are demanding a separate road which may not come under the custom boundary of port for easy traffic flow. M/s KICT (PPP operator of CB 11 &12) is also frequently demanding for separate corridor.

In view of above, it is essential to provide a separate common corridor/Road from LC-236B (New ROB) to 16th CB along the railway line for smooth cargo operation of Port and accommodating the existing and up-coming traffic of Cargo berth   No. 11 to 17.

Phase I of the work is to expected to be completed in 18 months  with an estimated cost of Rs.67.00 Cr.

The proposed work comprises of Four-lane Road having length of 6.5 km with flexible pavement. 


  1. It will give immense support to the port infrastructure and shall also boost logistics performance as well as economic growth. Cargo evacuation shall be faster looking to the increase in Traffic handling at Port, accommodate future port traffic seamlessly.
  1. It will provide much desired connectivity to the Port and shall also provide a face–lift to the approach roads to the Port in line with Gati Shakti. 

Name of Scheme: Construction of Dome Shaped Storage Sheds inside C. J. Area-Phase-II

Project Cost: Rs. 39.66 Crores

Date of opening of tender (Technical Bid): 6th Dec 2022

Work Order to be issued: February-2023

Target Start Date: March-2023

Target Completion Date: August-2024

Benefits & Impact

This dome shaped storage shed has 04 nos.  godowns of a total of 24000 M2 area with a storage capacity of 1.05 lakhs M.T. to be constructed in Phase-II. These 4 godowns of size 200m X 30m to be constructed in place of G-22 & G-23. These four godowns will cover the shortfall of 6 nos. godowns (G-8 & G-10 to G-14) already surveyed-off.  This proposed godowns are self-supported roofing system type and there is no any intermediate supporting structure between roof & floor, hence more working height will be available for cargo handling, which is suitable for unloading the bulk cargo through hydraulic system by trucks/transport vehicles of fifth generation carrying about 60-70 MTs of cargo.

Salient Features

This dome shaped storage shed can provide an unobstructed clear span of 30 m. and height of 9 to 12 m. which is suitable for unloading bulk cargo through hydraulic system by trucks/transport vehicles of fifth generation carrying about 60-70 MTs of cargo. The stability of this structure is ensured based on arch principle without Truss, Purlins, or intermediate supports. Roofing panels are mechanically seamed (Interlocked) and free from holes, nuts, bolt overlaps, and sealants, thereby ensuring almost zero maintenance and the mechanical sealing ensures 100% Leak Proof Roofs.

There is no bird nuisance and hence provides a cleaner and more hygienic Building. Distinguished Arch Shape and Flexibility of colours result in strong aesthetic appeal. This structure is also up to 50% Economical compared to Conventional Roofing Systems.

The project is expected to be completed by August-2024 at an estimated cost of Rs.39.66 crores.