VAHDAM India launches Assorted Gifts Sampler

VAHDAM has a wide variety of delicious and nutritious teas, ranging from strong black teas to totally refreshing Green Teas from the finest Himalayan estates; from rich and hand-rolled Oolong teas to unusual White teas and healthy herbal teas.

Vahdam India has designed a fantastic assortment of Gift Sampler boxes with pyramid-shaped tea bags inside, all made with 100 % natural and pure ingredients and no artificial flavors. These teas are Low-Calorie, Vegan, and Keto-Friendly, and come in beautiful gift boxes.

Classic Sampler (1*40 Variants)

A unique assortment of 40 of our best-selling green teas, black teas, oolong teas, white teas, and chai teas. 1 teabag each. Great way to start or sample our best-selling blends.

Price – Rs 999

Assorted Herbal Tea Sampler (6*10 Variants)

A sun-kissed assortment of 6 nourishing Herbal Tea infusions for an exemplary wellness experience Blended with a plethora of superfood herbs, spices, and flowers. This sampler contains 6 variants of our best herbal teas, 10 tea bags each. Turmeric Spice, Turmeric Ginger, Vedic Kadha, Pure Mint, Classic Chamomile & Hibiscus Rose Herbal Tea.

Price – Rs 1199


Assorted Chai Tea Sampler (6*10 Variants)

A sumptuous assortment of 6 chai teas blended with aromatic spices. This sampler contains 6 variants of our best chai teas, 10 tea bags each. Original Masala, Cardamom Spice Masala, Vanilla Spice Masala, Turmeric Spice, Sweet Cinnamon Spice & Earl Grey Spice Masala Chai.

Price – Rs 1199



Assorted Green Tea Sampler (8*10 Variants)

A wholesome medley of 8 delicious green teas blended with superior ingredients.

This sampler contains 8 variants of our best green teas, 10 tea bags each. Chamomile Mint Citrus, Mint Melody, Lemon Ginger, Sweet Himalayan Detox, Chamomile Lavender, Moringa Tulsi, Turmeric Tulsi & Himalayan Green Tea.

Price – Rs 1499