Vigocare introduces COVID-19 remote monitoring platform to help hospitals and doctors to monitor patient vitals remotely

Hyderabad, September 2020: Vigocare – ‘Vitals on the go’, a Hyderabad based health-tech company announced the launch of its one-of-a-kind Covid-19 remote patient monitoring platform that empowers healthcare providers and doctors to fight the Covid-19 pandemic while ensuring safety and wellbeing. With the risk of infection looming over healthcare establishments, Vigocare, a cloud-based e-health service provider is bringing to the market a unique and well-timed approach to help doctors and health providers monitor patients from ‘Anytime – Anywhere’.

On the occasion of the launch, Dr. Sekhar Chennupati, CEO & Founder, Vigocare said, “The exponential spread of the global pandemic has placed people at direct risk and is bound to overwhelm and continue to create a sense of panic and fear. With the launch of our medical-grade remote monitoring services for COVID-19 care, we see it as our responsibility to bring health care closer to consumers and build a connected care platform. The COVID-19 plans will be immersive and will allow healthcare providers to monitor their patients remotely using technology and AI systems. Vigocare aims to not only help in the fight against COVID- 19 but also encourage both health providers and consumers to become digitally enabled and go contactless. We hope to bring e-health to the forefront and educate individuals on the benefits and ease of remote patient monitoring.”

Dr. Sekhar Chennupati said, our objective is to take healthcare closer to the customer, earlier in 2019 we launched our first solution with remote Heart monitoring and was well received by the market, also it was instrumental in saving several lives. When COVID became prevalent, out of panic people were rushing to hospitals, while the available healthcare infrastructure was in no position to cope with the inflow, in fact only 10-20% patients really needed immediate medical attention and critical care. We realised, at that stage, the problem was to know who desperately needed medical care and hospitalisation, however, to know that the challenge was to monitor every COVID patient. Also, the healthcare professionals were getting infected while treating the patients and that was creating further dearth in providing proper care. That’s when we started developing a solution to monitor patients at home, those were the initial days of COVID and concluded that early medical attention often prevented the need for critical care in the limited ICU beds. This solution through a small device connected to mobile phone monitors all the patient’s vitals like heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, ECG, skin temperature and ensures transmission of the data to the cloud. Once on cloud, we have an AI solution which continuously monitors, recognises any alarming deviations in parameters and immediately alerts the treating physician. The Physician has a dashboard where the parameters reflect and enables him to take a call on further treatment to control the vitals, including hospital admission. This way the Physicians can monitor multiple patients anytime, from anywhere. There is no need for constant monitoring by Physician, only when there is an alert he has to act. It is embedded with a video consultation facility, through which he can interact with the patient and assess the condition. We have been doing trials on this solution for the last two and a half months and have done more than eighty thousand hours of monitoring. Being a biosensor, it basically monitors the vitals so its role is not limited to COVID patients monitoring, it’s a remote patient monitoring solution, which monitors all kinds of patients across multiple disease conditions. There are several Hospitals and Doctors using our solution already, several COVID patients are getting monitored through it. The solution has proven to be very helpful to both the Doctors, Hospitals and patients. We are tied up with Rush Hospital, Sigma Hospital, some reputed physicians, critical care specialists, all this even before the formal launch.

Dr. Chennupati also added, We are launching this platform in the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh right now and will expand our footprint pan India in a month beginning with Karnataka and Tamilnadu. We want to reach this solution to every general physician and primary care physician, for them to render digital healthcare services to their patients. We are already in the process of appointing Channel Partners pan India to reach out to the Hospitals and Doctors. This way we want to ensure that patients need not visit a hospital for ailments that can be addressed outside the hospitals’ precincts. We are funded by a group of Angel investors, few doctors from San Francisco and Australia, raised a couple of million Dollars till now and will be raising more. We host all our Data on AWS platform to ensure data security, so the data is absolutely secure.

Vigocare’s connected care platform afford doctors and health care providers with comprehensive remote monitoring for the patients by using wireless biosensors which enables them to continuously monitor vitals such as ECG, heart rate, SPo2, respiratory rate and temperature. The ECG analysis powered by artificial intelligence assists the clinician to prescribe or adjust drug dosages for any underlying conditions. The AI-driven in-app COVID-19 symptom checker comes with a dynamic questionnaire that helps clinicians understand patient symptoms whilst being remote, replicating a doctor’s routine of periodic rounds within a hospital. The comprehensive monitoring system makes the patient’s Vitals and Health Score Index (HSI) easily available to the clinician, helping in determining the level of health care each patient requires.

The contactless facility by Vigocare aids healthcare providers elects between the need for physical consultation vs video consultation basis of the health data presented on the dashboard. The user-friendly and intuitive dashboard assists health care providers in accessing and studying patient health patterns and trends seamlessly, empowering them with faster and precise decision-making capabilities. Vigocare has a designated round the clock central command centre that bridges the gap between patient and doctor through AI and cloud systems, making doctor-patient coordination efficient, easy and hassle-free. With predictive and action-oriented solutions fuelled by artificial intelligence, the Vigocare COVID-19 remote patient monitoring platform supports healthcare providers and doctors in equipping medical-grade care remotely to the patients while maintaining connection, consequently improving the patient engagement and experience.

The Vigocare services can be subscribed for up to 15 days at a reasonable price. For more enquiries and information on the services, please visit