Virtual Poker League 2020 Revolutionizes the Game of Poker


The Virtual Poker League 2020 has revolutionized the way poker tournaments will be seen in India. With its unique integration of video within the live stream, the format allows the viewers to witness the thrill and excitement of a live game virtually. VPL is not just about the face of cards, but it will be a showcase of the video of each player who is playing.

Elaborating on the scale of the event, Mr. Sidharth Mishra, Head of Productions – Poker Sports League and Co-Founder – Hashtag Productions said, “Coming up with the virtual poker league format is an absolute breakthrough because it has never been attempted anywhere else in the world. Specially designed shoot kits have been sent out to all the 30 players participating in the tournament.

This is largely attributed to the fact that we want uniform and standardized videos during the event and for post-production. From the user experience point of view, we feel that the viewership should not have a drastic shift in terms of content consumption. To sum it up, it is an online tournament with a live experience.”

Besides the two Indian commentators from Goa, the VPL 2020 will also have Mr. Sam Razavi, an avid international poker player and commentator based in the UK to commentate live from London.

Mr. Pranav Bagai, CEO and Co-Founder, Poker Sports League, says “The thought with which we started Poker Sports League was to sportify the game of poker. But the idea behind Virtual Poker League was to transit from live to online seamlessly.

We wanted to introduce a new concept and present a virtual layout of the live game to the entire Poker Community and to also build excitement for the Poker Sports League Virtual (PSL V) scheduled for December 2020.”

Speaking on the first-of-its-kind poker tournament in India, Mr. Bagai further added, “For the first time in the history of the poker industry in India, all the biggest names in Poker have come together to be a part of the six teams in VPL. The proceeds of this event will go to three different charities that are focusing on child education, thereby, strengthening our vision to give back to the society in these testing times.”

In line with the concept of Poker Sports League’s Season 3, the Virtual Porker League will be played online on the company’s proprietary application – Hashtag Poker and will be streamed online on its Youtube channel. The same virtual platform will also be used for this year’s Poker Sports League – Virtual.