Why is Call Center Quality Assurance Software Essential for businesses?

Call Center Monitoring

Quality is everything! Some business slogans proclaim. However, when it comes down to implementing those words, it proves a challenge. Call centres have suffered from a lack of proper enforcement of quality.

The call centre of an organization is the image-maker of the entire company. The 2017 Global State of Customer service report states that most customers (93%) believe that the customer service of a company is very important in deciding their loyalty to that company. That percentage truly does indicate that customer satisfaction is paramount when it comes to helping businesses establish a reputation within their industry.

Call centre quality assurance software is a tool that enables businesses to align their business goals with satisfying their customers following in-depth interactions and this article will explain the importance of why call centre quality assurance needs to be adhered to.

The Customer Is King and Deserves to Be Heard!

Monitoring customer service is primary to organizational growth and development. That comes from the Hawthorne Effect which declares that significant success is always noticed when subjects of a study subjected themselves to being monitored than others who weren’t.

The same also applies to call centre agents. This experiment has shown that it is always better when workers are monitored, it always produces a higher level of performance.

Factors that affect Quality Call Center Monitoring

Merely listening does not account for perfect monitoring. There has to be an efficient method by which call centre professionals could be overlooked without interfering with their schedules. That is particularly important with the use of call centre quality assurance software.

For any call centre quality assurance program to work out successfully, four primary factors need to be looked into;

  • The use of the software should be straight to the point and non-ambiguous. It shouldn’t take any more of the agents’ time than it should.
  • Management integration needs to be put in place; all agents know their bosses so it is always better for the automated quality assurance system to be integrated with management.
  • The rules of the use of the software need to be established so that the agents have a clear direction of what is expected of them at all times.

Factors to Measure the Impact of Monitoring on The Workplace

Any business decision or action should have a good reaction. So, if a monitoring program is put in place, there should be a qualitative and quantitative method through which to ascertain whether the targeted effects have been achieved.

Here are some points on where the focus should be on when monitoring a call centre with call centre QA software.

–         The Essential Services of The Business

These are the key areas in your organization’s setup that can either greatly add or break the entire business setup, at the slightest instant. For some organizations for instance like the Police, time and responsiveness is their essential business.

–         Critical Office Positions

These have to be identified and followed up adequately, based on the structure of the business in question. If for instance, it is a computer manufacturer, then, call centre representatives to need to have a working knowledge of operating systems, computer hardware, and other key troubleshooting areas.

–         Quick Resolution of Issues

For agents to be effectively monitored, it is important to note how capable they are in resolving any issues, without fuss.

This area, however, it is not to be taken as the whole package. It is possible for agents to get the customer to hang up on a call, without actually solving the problem.

–         Call Handling

The motions of phone calls require the customer to assess how well the call is handled. It is therefore important for call centre agents to naturalize the skill of proper call management. That implies being able to hold, chat up, transfer calls without leaving the customer in a lurch.

Enabling ROI from Automated Quality Assurance

Of course, ROI is always the first point that is raised at company board meetings, whenever any form of spending is suggested. Therefore, for effective Call Centre quality assurance to be sustained, there must be a return on investment from the monitoring program. This can be achieved through the following ways.

  1. Eliminate Unnecessary Calls: Try to reduce call volume by having substitute feedback mechanisms like a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, or having a properly managed call centre infrastructure that does not require much staffing.
  2. Effective Call Time Management: In cases where you look to reduce the cost of running or monitoring a call centre, you can do so by ensuring that the agents respond efficiently to the customers.
  3. Effective Resolution of First Calls: Customers always call back if not properly satisfied the first time. This can add significantly to the cost of running the entire business. Therefore, adequate training on handling the call centre QA, and time management are needed to ensure that customers are satisfied with first calls.

The use of automated quality assurance software serves as a smart and efficient way of maintaining feedback between the customers, and the company. Any well-meaning organization should consider adopting it.

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