Wix Releases a Conversational AI Chat Experience to Provide Tailored Business Solutions Based on Users’ Needs

The AI model is designed to understand the user's unique business requirements and is able to match tailored solutions and applications to their needs

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NEW YORK, November 8, 2023 – – Wix.com Ltd. (NASDAQ: WIX), a leading global SaaS platform to create, manage and grow an online presence, today announced a conversational AI chat that meets users at the moment they join Wix to get their business online. The human-like conversation actively collects information about the users’ business through dynamic questions and tailored follow-up questions specific to their business intent. Subsequently, it offers tailored components essential for the specific business.

Users participate in an in-depth dialogue, where they receive follow-up questions according to their answers. The AI-driven experience then formulates recommendations for the essential components required to construct their online business profile, encompassing website templates, commerce and other types of applications, images, tone preferences, text, and more. The level of detail users provide in their responses directly influences the degree of personalization in the final results. For example, the AI chat will ask a user about their target audience and create some sample blog posts for them. The AI conversation continues until all necessary information is collected.

Alongside the conversation, a business profile is built that categorizes and organizes all of the applications. Once the conversation concludes, new users are guided to a dashboard that is personalized specifically for their business, where they manage all of the components. Within the dashboard, they can further personalize and adjust tools and design as needed before publishing their site.

“This new AI technology serves as an excellent starting point for creating a business profile by eliminating the need for users to manually understand which components they need to run their business online,” said Guy Sopher,  Head of AI Assistant at Wix. “In the early days of its availability, it is clear that this new AI product removes a great deal of friction for business users as they build and manage their online presence. This is the first step to completely automating business management with AI, and opens the door for users to have a unique and personalized experience to set up a business even better and stronger than before.”

Wix has a long-standing relationship with AI dating back to 2016 when the company introduced Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI), its first AI website generator. Since that time, Wix has consistently improved and expanded its offerings, empowering users to expand their businesses and achieve success by harnessing the benefits of AI. This tool joins Wix’s available AI-powered features for web creation, contributing to Wix’s dedication to maximizing the potential of AI in web development. View Wix’s full suite of AI solutions here.

The new AI experience is available to all new Wix users in English. To start the AI experience click here.