Women Podcasters Who Are Dominating the Content Space

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Over the last few years, the number of women creators has noticeably increased in roles such as directors, writers, producers, and editors. The same trend can be seen in the podcasting industry as well. Women podcasters, while creating great content, have been taking advantage of audio platforms and sharing their experiences and opinions with engaged listeners across the country.

Women have carved out their own space in the content industry, all while challenging societies’ stereotypes and taboos head-on. Their words are so thought-provoking that you’d want to become a leader yourself right after listening to their podcasts. This Women’s Day, we bring to you a list of such podcasters.

Let’s check out these talented women and tune into what they’re talking about.

Musings of Suta

Musings of Suta:

Sujata Biswas and Taniya Biswas, two sisters who share their love for sarees, come together to share their stories through Musings of Suta. Quitting their well-paying jobs, they chose to redefine sarees as the channel of love and vessels of stories. They talk about the hurdles they faced at the beginning of their venture, Suta, and how their journey taught them more than any other job could. The sisters now have two successful podcast seasons up-and-running. They share entertaining stories, giving us a closer look into their childhood, their journey so far and all the risks they took that finally led them to Suta.

Heart on My Sleeve Cover

Heart on my Sleeve:

“We aren’t alone in our insecurities & fears, but we are alone in our heads.” Mansha Kaur’s Heart On My Sleeve is all about helping women (and men!) realise that the next woman is probably dealing with similar issues even if her instagram feed may seem perfect. We saw Mansha wearing her heart on her sleeve as she talked about her personal experiences and observations on things like love, purpose, insecurities, girl friendships, growth and body image. In her second season we got to see the host in conversation with a string of guests like Nonita Kalra, Pooja Dhingra,

Sanjana Batra, Malini Agarwal and Sumaya Dalmia who were raw and honest about their struggles, the regressive views they see around them and the uphill task of changing societal perception of women, their abilities & bodies.

Whats a Man

What’s a Man? Masculinity in India:

Award-winning writer and researcher, Deepa Narayan, explores what it means to be a man with her podcast What’s a Man? Masculinity in India. The host has conducted over 200 in-depth interviews with middle and upper-class men from Delhi, Mumbai and many other cities. The podcast explores myths and expectations of being a man and how it has affected them since childhood. Deepa interviews guests from various fields and discusses issues like body image, nature of power and how people define masculinity.

Malini's World

Malini’s World:

Malini Agarwal comes back with a reboot of The Girl Tribe show. The podcast features empowering women coming from all walks of life. Be it celebrities or social activists, they all sit together and have an uncensored and candid conversation about issues in society that needs to be addressed. They share the struggles that made them the women they are today. The podcast is all about women empowering, supporting and looking out for each other.

success with savitha

Success with Savitha:

Find out what success looks like in this podcast with host Savitha Nanjappa who is an award-winning Life and Business Coach, Entrepreneur, and Founder of the thriving global coaching platform, Success with Savitha. The podcast was launched on 1st March and in the first episode, she discusses strategies to grow on Instagram and how to curate content consistently, with her guest, Masoom Minawala. Success with Savitha is a podcast for entrepreneurs, especially females, where they swap success stories, inspiration and strategies to tackle work, personal life and more, together.

Home Minister Hemali

Home Minister Hemali:

This fun weekly podcast is hosted by Hemali Govil, a former Radio Jockey and now a homemaker and full-time scriptwriter. The host understands how tough it is to manage work and home together. In her podcast, Hemali shares interesting daily life hacks, beauty tips, stories and recipes that make your everyday chores so much easier. Her podcast helps listeners manage their homes, health and lives in an organized way.

Popkast with Garima

Popkast with Garima:

Popkast with Garima is a pop-culture podcast that will entertain you like no other. The host, Garima Surana, and her guests break all the stereotypes and have a candid conversation about everything from millennials today to the 90s music. With season 3 launching on Women’s Day, there are a lot of fun episodes to look forward to. This podcast is packed with enough sass to get you through the week.

Real Talk

Real Talk with Smriti Notani:

Smriti Notani, a lifestyle blogger, hosts this podcast where she gets real with her listeners. The show covers every aspect of the life of an Indian that is not talked about enough in society. In her own filmy and pop-culture way, Smriti speaks bluntly about life blunders and what all comes with it.

Women in Labour Podcast

Women in Labour:

Women in Labour is hosted by Aditi Mittal, a renowned Indian stand-up comedian and Christina MacGillivray, an amazing cinematographer. The hosts explore taboo topics related to women, family, work and everything in between. They talk about the struggles women have to face when balancing family and work in a sarcastic manner. This power duo is super talented. Their satirical tone makes the podcast all the more thought-provoking.

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