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Mr. Sangeet Kumar, CEO and Founder Addverb

Quote by Mr. Sangeet Kumar, CEO & Co-Founder, Addverb Technologies

Mr. Sangeet Kumar, CEO & Co- Founder, Addverb said, “Addverb started its automation journey in June 2016 with a vision to transform supply chain of Indian companies by making them more flexible and efficient through leveraging industry 4.0 technologies. Four years down the road we have not only revolutionized how the warehousing industry operates but also changed the very perspective of adopting automation. Today, we are serving more than 75 customers including the likes of Reliance, HUL, Marico, Flipkart, Pepsi, CEAT, Dabur, Asian Paints etc and have also expanded our footprint to Dubai, Singapore, and European Markets. While Covid19 has paralyzed many industries, automation has seen an accelerated increase of nearly 15% in demand due to less availability of workforce and the need to make supply chain immunized to these kind of shocks in future. In this coming year 2021, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques will make rapid strides into the everyday business operations of the firms across all the industries.


Consumer Technology

Mr. Lalit Arora, Co-founder, VingaJoy

Quote by Mr. Lalit Arora, Co-founder and CEO, VingaJoy

As per the current situation the economy is facing a slowdown but we are working hard to achieve our target growth. Right now, our main focus is to build a good market in India. Considering the hectic lifestyle of today’s youth, our objective is to help the Indian consumer stay fit. We are therefore exploring innovative Products to help them keep fit. We’re working on developing and designing products like headphones, power banks, and VR/AR Headsets. Also, we are thinking of sustenance, not only about the manufacturing unit, but also for the marketing and sales units. This pandemic has taught us that nothing is permanent. We are updating ourselves accordingly. Shifting our focus on digital platforms and creating an engaging customer base on social networking sites is our current focus which, we strongly believe, will surely help us in the future. In the coming year 2021, we plan on acquiring the Pan-India market expanding our user base in tier II and III cities, following imports with neighboring nations like Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Thailand.


Mr. Vinay Jain, Founder, and CEO, Grafdoer

Quote by Mr. Vinay Jain, CEO & Founder, Grafdoer

Mr. Vinay Jain, CEO & Founder, Grafdoer said, “In the year 2020, we all noticed our Indian economy sharply hit by the COVID-19 and small businesses reeling under huge fiscal stress. It is to be the assumed that with the incurrence of year 2021, all the exalted people working in MSME shall be helpful to elude this economic depression we all have been facing lately. Since we have struck through this pandemic, the initial role of MSME should be keeping the sufficient and appropriate sanitation around their handlings.”


Civic- Tech

Quote by Mr. Ashwani Rawat, Director and Co-Founder Transerve

For years most of the influential data-driven innovations have taken place in centralized glass-walled rooms, data centers and mega clouds. Edge computing is tremendously transforming the way data is handled, processed and delivered from millions of devices around the world. It is a distributed computing paradigm which brings computation and data storage closer to the location where it is needed, to improve response times and save bandwidth. This technology trend will surely make cloud computing and IoT devices faster in the upcoming years. Presently, the world is undergoing tremendous changes as the new digital future takes shape. We are entering the times where the bulk of new data will be processed at the Edge, outside of corporate and cloud data centers. Edge is the place where the digital world and physical world intersect with each other. It’s where real-world data is generated, securely captured, often processed and analyzed, and, ultimately, where intelligent systems can take actions based on the results of immediate data processing and analysis. We’re talking about a sea change here. In this new technology advanced era, the data gravity is greatest at the Edge, not in the large-scale data center. This new, distributed paradigm for data analysis is packed with a promise — but only possible if the enterprises have the right technology in place to capture, connect, process, analyze and act on data as it is captured.”


Quote by Mr. Shyam Verma, CHRO, JK Technosoft

“Remote work has always been a part of the companies’ policy, but the current scenario has made organizations consider it as a norm rather than an exception. However, both employers and employees have a mixed reaction to it. There are certain pros & cons involved in every work culture, but what’s important is to implement it with the right set of rules and strategies. The organization must come up with plans to help employees find the right balance between work and life. There is no doubt the remote work culture, though not a new concept but a new norm is here to stay. However, it depends upon the organization how they want to segregate their workforce between digital and physical workplace, depending upon the nature of work. But it’s high time we understand and learn to look beyond the workplace to build a strong and loyal relationship. “


Auto Industry

Mr. Ankit Saluja, Co-Founder, Premium Autoz

Quote Mr. Ankit Saluja, Co-Founder, Premium Autoz

“Disruption caused due to the pandemic in the auto industry has resulted to a huge loss, with recovery years away. But let’s say that 2021 is going to be a year of hopes and their won’t be slump in car sales and the pre-owned cars market is going to help in revival. As car companies and pre-owned car dealers can sense that they are going to make the most of it in the next normal. In the upcoming year 2021, dealers expect used car transactions to increase. And the overall Indian auto industry is expected to see stronger growth.”

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