10 Core Concepts That Govern a Successful SEO Marketing Strategy

Many businesses are embracing SEO concepts as an integral part of their marketing agenda. With the capacity to increase engagement, sales, and exposure, SEO and everything it entails has taken the business world by storm. While there are far more than 10 parts to a great strategy, the ones explored below are essential to ensuring yours goes the distance and produces the desired impact.

10 Core Concepts That Govern a Successful SEO Marketing Strategy

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Figure Out Who You Are Targeting: The Audience

An audience in this context is the people who you want to reach marketing wise. The plan should ask who these people are and what challenges there may be in acquiring them. This will include taking a more detailed look at leading industry competitors, including exactly how they represent their SEO strategy. When you have these facts, all the gaps for engagement and growth will become clear.

Assessing Keywords and Input

When you know who you want to reach and how to do it better than your challengers, it is time to explore effective keywords. A keyword is the search team people type into their search engine, like Google. This is a question of sorts that your customers want answers to. Finding those words makes your content rank higher and more relevant, therefore attracting higher view counts and elevated engagement. Accessing exactly what your potential customers are looking for gives you the edge competitively because you will be better able to tailor content to demand. This is something that needs to be kept in a constant state of review, so it is consistently maximized for both efficacy and impact.

Deciphering Data Reports

A big part of this ongoing review will include analyzing relevant data sources that inform the overarching SEO strategy. If you are a startup, or operating within an industry that is fast paced with changing needs, keywords and everything else should be changed with the mood so it stays relevant and functional. Exploring landing page stats and user engagement data will provide invaluable insight, and help you see whether you are acquiring real views or bot ones.

Adapting for Mobile Users

Millions of smartphone users begin their search query on a mobile phone. Regardless of whether this is later continued or even completed on a desktop, with so many mobile browsers, it is essential not to forget this part of the market when it comes to implementing successful SEO initiatives. The mobile index on key player Google is developing rapidly, and you don’t want to be left behind because it will impact your reach.

Making Your Site Visible and Accessible

Aside from the essential focus on user friendly interfaces, websites should also be glitch-free and up to spec coding wise. This is so they are not perceived as problematic and also to open the door for search engine observers, otherwise dubbed web spiders, to find what they need to find. If a crawler approaches your site and they are met with broken pages, error codes, and convoluted content, your site will never climb up the search engine rankings and it will therefore ultimately harm your exposure.

Observe Indexing Too

Crawling is the first stage and then comes indexing. If your site has been successfully observed by Google bots, you are more likely to be able to access better indexing options. This means even more focus on ensuring the site is functional and that any new page added is created correctly. Google will index your page for you if all of these boxes are ticked. It is important because it puts your specific content on the search engine map and helps your site climb up higher on the ranking scale. Without indexing, it would be incredibly difficult to gain natural exposure and bring people to your avenue.

Creating Successful Technical SEO Moves

For an SEO strategy to work, and work well, it has to encompass technical aspects too. Often, this means that accepting help from external experts becomes a crucial part of the journey, especially in the early days when a company is often trying to boost the initial impact. Establishing a relationship with an expert like Growth Foundry opens up many doors and guarantees any strategy that is put together will do what you need it to do.

Nailing the Content

You can do all the research in the world about keywords and clever ways to boost indexing, but all of this will remain irrelevant if you do not have great content. The web is filled with generic pieces that are ten a penny. You want to avoid this at all costs. Make sure you follow the Google rulebook regarding what is spam and what isn’t so that your content isn’t barred and aims to enrich readers’ minds instead of just filling the void with nothing of great impact. What five things are important for optimizing content?

  1. Readability: If a piece is easy to read, flows well, is not overly complex structurally, and is free of errors like spelling mistakes, it will resonate better.
  2. Keywords: Avoid keyword stuffing, but make sure there are the right number of phrases in there that will connect with readers.
  3. Images: Good online content needs images if you want to keep focus and make it look visually appealing.
  4. Meta Tags: Put a lot of thought into this because it is the thing that will capture initial attention.
  5. Headings and Sub-headings: These are both key components of successful on-page optimization and will bring content where it needs to be.

Positive Link Building

The last point is creating strong link building. This can be both internal and external, depending on what you want to achieve. As long as the links within your content are strong, for instance, leading to high authority sites that bolster your status in your business niche, this is fine. Links make content rank higher and boost the overall SEO strategy.

These 10 things are the building blocks of any SEO strategy that wants to find its mark. A business should pour resources into the right channels, and to do this successfully it must learn the ropes and take the necessary steps.

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