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Blogging has become a full-time job for people, so many are looking to increase popularity and gain a large audience. Although experts believe that Instagram is slowly dying, it is still considered a major platform for making money and growing a business.

But an account on Instagram does not develop on its own. If you don’t like the idea and the activity, then you’ll quickly burn out. Let’s take a closer look at what blogs are and how to increase account statistics without having to constantly buy Instagram likes.

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Types of blogs

To create an account, you need to determine its direction. It can be travel, beauty blog, self-development, psychology and much more.

But although there are many topics and directions, conventionally blogs are divided into four types: personal, business, pages with narrow topics and media blogs.

Personal blog. Here you can try different topics that relate to people (family relationships, nutrition for children or proper nutrition, construction, self-development). You don’t have to be an expert on these topics. Bloggers simply share their experiences and thoughts. Sometimes just a respectful and kind relationship with the audience is enough to conquer it.

In this type, as a rule, you do not need to buy real Instagram likes to get good statistics on posts. As a rule, personal pages are very popular with the audience because they touch on the daily problems of many users.

Business blog. Such accounts are often created by business owners or employees to share knowledge with those who are interested. Entrepreneurs often talk in detail about their cases and problems and show how they solved them.

Blogs with narrow topics. Often ordinary people write about some unpopular topic. For example, people who have watched all the series and share the best ones.

Media blogs. These pages are usually aesthetic. If users are engaged in art, for example, they draw, then they share their work with subscribers and promote accounts from scratch.

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Ways to promote your account

Advertising through other social networks and sites

If you have an audience somewhere on the Internet, then you can share a link to your Instagram account there. It could be Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

Mutual advertising

If you have friends with popular accounts, you can ask for mutual PR. No one pays anything — you just tell subscribers about each other. Thanks to this, you exchange the audience. But there is a downside. For this method, you already need an audience and an active profile.

Commenting on a post by a top blogger

The first comments are usually answered by bloggers or big brands. Therefore, comment among the first on any post with some catchy comment. This way you will get likes and attention from the page owner.

Targeted advertising

This is an ad from the platform itself. It is enough to set up a target through Facebook and pay for advertising for a few days. If everything is done correctly, then people will start to subscribe.

On average, 100-200 people can come to a page with up to 1000 subscribers through the target in two to three days. Of course, if the audience is large, then the coverage will be greater.

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