64% of students’ biggest fear is not scoring well in their final exams, reveals Brainly survey

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New Delhi, 23rd March 2022: Experts say students fear going to offline classes after spending two years in the comfort of their homes. Behavioral changes are seen in many students, as they try to cope with suddenly taking examinations physically. At the backdrop of this, India’s number 1 doubt-solving platform Brainly conducted a survey that aims to understand Indian students and the stress they are facing about the upcoming final exams.

The survey gathered responses from 1,500 students from classes 6-12 and revealed that 64% of them are concerned that they would not score well in their exams. 51% of students would have preferred their exams be held online this year.

This year too, students who are preparing for this academic year’s final exams have not had the usual academic year as others before them. Many students are worried about social isolation, school closures, and limited access to sports and leisure activities, as well as the pressure of performing well in the final examinations. 55% of students are anxious thinking their peers will score better than them.

The survey also asked students what subjects they would like to take up, 44% of them chose science, while 51% were afraid they may not get the subject of their choice.

Commenting on the same, Mr. Narsimha Jayakumar, Managing Director, Brainly, India, said, “Millions of students are stressed and anxious when they hear the term “exam.” It would be foolish to reject their fear and refuse to address it. Online education allows students to clear their doubts. Students have access to online assistance 24/7, even in vernacular languages. It relieves some of the tension of students and allows for a better course experience by stimulating their mind.” 

Brainly already has over 5.5 crore monthly users in India. The platform plans to expand into new products, going beyond homework help, to provide a more personalized and real-time learning assistance for students and parents. In India, Brainly has actively introduced educational content in regional languages. Brianly’s Knowledge Base in India alone consists of over 3.2 crore answers to date in Math, Science, English, Social studies, Hindi, Technology, Arts and Music.