Author A.D. Wolf’s New Book, Daddy’s Home, Offers a Small Glimpse of the Working-Dad Life

New York, NY, August 31, 2023 — A.D. Wolf, who was born in a military hospital in San Antonio, Texas, in December of 1991, has completed his new book, “Daddy’s Home”: a meaningful and engaging illustrated story about fatherhood.

Growing up in Texas with his mother and two brothers, Author A.D. Wolf was an outdoorsman, always playing outside in the nearby woods whenever he could.

In 2008, his mother moved them to Arkansas, where he got his GED and continued writing until he met his wife, Katherine, when he was twenty-two. They were soon married in 2016, and after three years, they had their first daughter together.

Wolf shares, “It warms your heart to hear them running across the house as you walk through the door after a long day at work to your kid screaming with glee, ‘Daddy’s home!’ From chasing a speedy toddler around the house as you try to wrangle her into a bath, to the insistent wiggling as then you try to fight her to go to sleep next to you at bedtime, this small glimpse of the working-dad life will warm your heart and have you cherish the little crazy moments that children bring to you as they grow from the little babies that you’ve held in your arms since birth to the young adult that takes on life like a boss and flirts with boys and beyond.”