Author Amanda Sullivan’s New Book Leaf

Lincoln, NE, November 28, 2023 –Amanda Sullivan, a licensed independent mental health practitioner and certified master social worker with her own private practice in Nebraska and specializes in therapy for children, has completed her new book, “Leaf”: a heartfelt story that follows the happy life of a woman who is diagnosed with frontotemporal degeneration dementia, designed to help young readers understand the effects of the disease.

“Lynne has always been full of life,” writes Sullivan. “In childhood and even later as an adult, Lynne is articulate, cheerful, and friendly. Whether she is leading her siblings on an adventure when young or teaching her students to fall in love with art, Lynne leads with enthusiasm and conviction. After years of positively impacting many lives, Lynne decides to retire. Unfortunately, before she can enjoy a more slow-paced life and pursue other passions, something starts affecting her once vibrant personality. Lynne begins to struggle to speak and understand others. Her essence of who she is becomes forever altered. Lynne’s story illustrates how frontotemporal degeneration dementia can present, the devastation it causes, and how a family learns to cope with this heartbreaking illness and loss.”

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Amanda Sullivan’s engaging tale is a true story that the author began to write after her mother, Lynne, was diagnosed with frontotemporal degeneration dementia and she struggled to find any book on this specific type of dementia for her own kids. Driven by her desire to create a story that genuinely depicted the heartbreaking devastation of this disease, while also humanizing it and normalizing emotions of the individuals who are impacted by this experience, “Leaf” is the perfect tool for parents and guardians alike to help explore the effects of frontotemporal degeneration dementia in a way that children can more easily understand on a level that they can relate to.