Author Andy Costa’s New Book Falling River

Adelanto, CA, March 23, 2024 — Andy Costa has completed his new book, “Falling River”: a thought-provoking science fiction novel that takes readers into a world with skin walkers.

Author Andy Costa writes, “Her name is Falling River. Her hair is the color of the fresh fallen snow. Her eyes sparkle like stars in the deep blanket of night, but she is a skin walker. She has the ability to change the appearance of her host to that of herself. She has no friends. She is often fully occupied, suppressing the desires and needs of her host. Then one day the impossible happened. Another skin walker recognized her. It was the love of her life 300 years ago. They only kissed one time and were holding hands, when the raging river pulled them down, never to be seen again. He said Falling River. She shouted Tree Frog is that you? She said and then as she spun around there was a young black boy standing there about 10 or 11 years old. He said did you call me Tree Frog? At this point she knew Tree Frog became a skin walker too. But he did not have knowledge of control over the host. She was now faced with the biggest challenge ever. She had to convince this young black boy that he is a host for a skin walker.”