Author Cristina Nolan’s New Book, Support Cat Adventures: The Great Escape

Denver, IA, November 30, 2023 — Cristina Nolan, who has specialized in working with children with a variety of special needs for many years, has completed her new book, “Support Cat Adventures: The Great Escape”: a gripping story that follows an emotional support cat named Gracie, who wants to experience a new life outside of helping her human, Brenden, with his anxiety attacks and other medical needs, and plans a grand escape in order to do so.

Originally from Denver, Iowa, where she is currently an active member of her family church, author Christina Nolan has used her twenty years of experience in the education field to homeschool her children. Over the course of her career, Nolan has worked in various positions, including as a nanny to a child with autism, as a preschool director and teacher, as a paraeducator to middle school and high school students, and most importantly as a mother to two boys with special needs.

“Gracie’s job is not common for being a cat,” writes Nolan. “When her human, Brenden, goes into psychological nonepileptic seizures and anxiety attacks, it’s her responsibility to help him come out of them. The job is rewarding, but Gracie wants something new. The time has come to create an escape plan. Will she make it? Where will she go? Who will she meet? What will happen to Brenden if she is gone?

“Moonlight, Gracie’s sister and Jesse’s ADHD support cat, is full of rage and jealousy toward her sister. She will do anything to get Gracie out and keep her out. Will she succeed?”